San Francisco Ratha Yatra -- 1967

Here is two minutes of chanting in the San Francisco temple and at the first ISKCON Rathayatra in 1967. In the temple you will see Yamuna, Shyamsundar, Harsharani, Subal, Aniruddha, Harivilas, Krishna devi, Bhakti jan, Lilavati, Nandarani, Devananda, and me. Initiated devotees have large red (chanting) beads around their necks, except Aniruddha --- his are blue. Many of the devotees we’ve listed have their backs to the camera. The only devotees we can identify at the Rathayatra are Jayananda, Devananda, and me. Shyamsundar is driving the truck.

Some of the women have saris that Srila Prabhupada brought from India as gifts. Lord Jagannatha is missing from the temple --- He has a cold. The painting of Mahaprabhu in the temple on the altar, Srivas-angam, was done by Haridas, the first ISKCON artist, and the temple president of the San Francisco temple at the time.

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