Essays from Contemporary Scholars

Edmund Weber

The Hindu Buddha
according to the Theology of the Bengali Vaishnava Acharya Bhaktivedanta Swami
from the Journal of Religious Culture No. 15b (1997)

Free Love and Bhakti
An Inter-religious Study on Martin Luther and Shri Krishna Caitanya
from the Journal of Religious Culture No. 16 (1998)

Sir Oliver Lodge

Linking Life After Death To Subatomic Physics
This article by Sir Oliver Lodge was published in The Queen's Hospital Annual in 1933 (Birmingham).

Usha Rai

Wedded to Enterprise
Usha Rai reports on the economic independence and the life of dignity which is slowly replacing the old attitude of helplessness and living off charity for the widows of Vrndavan.

Bal Ram Singh

Origin of Indian Civilization Subject of U.S. Conference

Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts

The Celestial Journey of Ganga

Dr. Subas Pani

Sri Ratha Yatra

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