Written for the occasion of

rla Bhaktisiddhnta Sarasvat hkura Prabhupdas

disappearance day on 21 December 1957


O Merciful rla Prabhupda...

By rla Bhaktivednta Trivikrama Gosvm Mahrja

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You Are Compassionate to All Souls

O my most worshipable and merciful rla Prabhupda, today, on your auspicious disappearance day, you are being glorified everywhere from all directions. Those who are praising you are extremely fortunate, for you have bestowed your favour upon them. You even shower your compassion indirectly upon those who do not glorify you. As the very embodiment of mercy, you exude nothing but compassion, though not everyone is able to receive it equally, on account of his particular destiny. This does not imply that you are partial.

In Bhagavad-gt (4.11), r Ka affirms:

yath m prapadyante

   ts tathaiva bhajmy aham


As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly.

 You have properly safe-guarded the integrity of this verse. Through your exemplary behaviour you have preserved the veracity of r Kas statement in Bhagavad-gt (9.29), samo ha sarva-bhteu I am equal to all beings. Without being perturbed, you would appropriately punish even those who prided themselves in being your especially intimate servants.  That chastisement is actually nothing but your mercy and demonstrates your magnanimity.


You Embody the Mood of Separation


rla Prabhupda, everything you do is in fact full of mercy. You mercifully appeared in this world. You mercifully remained visible to our material eyes for some time. And now, by your mercy, you have again become unmanifest to the materially conditioned living beings. These three actions share the same purpose: to bestow mercy. This is your sole aim. Even today you are not in any way depriving the living entities by remaining concealed from their vision.  You are thoroughly acquainted with what is beneficial for the jva and in what proportion. The materially conditioned living entity, however, cannot comprehend the manner in which you bestow your mercy.

 r Ka allowed the gops to taste the bliss of union and then revealed His limitless mercy by drowning them in an ocean of separation from Him.  Your behaviour is identical to Kas, for it displays the same unbounded mercy. If r Ka had remained with the gops forever, the conditioned souls would surely have been delighted, but the most merciful  r Ka said:

yat tv aha bhavatn vai

    dre varte priyo dm

manasa sannikarrtha



yath dra-care prehe

    mana viya vartate

str ca na tath ceta

    sannike ki-gocare


mayy veya mana ktsna

    vimuktea-vtti yat

anusmarantyo m nityam

               acirn mm upaiyatha


rmad-Bhgavatam (10.47.3436)

The actual reason why I, the treasured object of your sight, have stayed far away from you is that I wanted to capture your minds and draw them closer to Me.  When a womans lover is far away, she thinks of him more than when he is present before her. Your minds are fully absorbed in Me, forsaking all else, and you always remember Me. Therefore, you will be reunited with Me very soon.

O rla Prabhupda, your devotees, who are absorbed in constantly remembering you with feelings of separation, attain the state of mm upaiyatha, reunion with you. This is an example of your immense mercy.

A meeting that does not culminate in separation is not truly a meeting at all. Union ends with separation, and separation with union. Love and rupture have the same import: this teaching has come from your own lotus lips. As such, you are bestowing your grace upon your devotees today by revealing yourself as an embodiment of the mood of separation.  O merciful rla Prabhupda, your form is composed of sac-cid-nanda spiritual existence, knowledge and bliss. Your disciples have heard from your own lotus mouth that the materially conditioned souls can never glimpse your transcendental form; only liberated souls receive your darana. In trying to see you, conditioned souls merely perceive an image of you reflected in the material mode of goodness.  Nonetheless, you have showered your endless mercy upon those who were attracted by this image. You have made it known to them that all the followers of rla Rpa Gosvm (rpnugas) are grieving in separation from their worshipable deity. Your sole objective is service in that same mood. You embody the nectarean ocean of vipralambha, feelings of separation from r Ka, and you have shown your compassion by propagating service in separation (vipralambha-sev).


You Are Uncompromising in Upholding the Truth


 O merciful rla Prabhupda, you cannot actually be introduced in terms of material time, place and historical events, and therefore I am not interested in doing so. You are free from all material qualities, and have in all ways revealed and preached unalloyed, transcendental devotion characterised by separation.  You are entirely intolerant of any material doctrine.  Therefore, you have manifested your mercy by refuting myvda, the doctrine of illusion, through your sovereign-like writings, which are rich in the conclusions of the scriptures, and through your speaking, which is as grave and loud as thunder. O merciful rla Prabhupda, you never pandered to the materialists. Rather, you terrified them, like death personified. Hearing your lion-like roar proclaiming the principles and conclusions of devotion, the fruitive workers hid deep in their burrows like fearful jackals. Your valour as an upholder of the truth is testimony to the limitless mercy you have for the living entities.

O generous rla Prabhupda, no desire other than to serve r Ka was ever present in your character.  You were a brahmacri, unmarried celibate, since childhood and later manifested the pastime of accepting sannysa, the renounced order. Thus, you have firmly established the principle that it is extremely difficult to achieve the ultimate goal of life if one is fond of associating with women. rla Bhaktivinoda hkura writes:


rama-jana-saga-sukha ca sakhe

    carame bhayada pururtha-haram

r Godruma-candra Bhajanopadea

O friend, the pleasure to be had in the company of beautiful young women ultimately turns to fearfulness, and distracts one from the true goal of human life.

You have shown limitless mercy by living up to the ideal portrayed in these words of your spiritual master.

 O merciful lord, your conceptions are forever divine. In the religious conventions convened to discuss various pertinent issues you invalidated the concept of demoniac varrama and established divine varrama. By your transcendental power, you overcame the fierce opposition. As a result, your sincere servants have been following that system of divine varrama to this day. This divine triumph of yours displays your great compassion.


O merciful rla Prabhupda, you have condemned the concept that matter and spirit are identical, as well as the ideas of the prktasahajiys1, and thereby illuminated the nature of supremely pure devotional service. Had you not appeared on this earth, who would have cleansed the heaps of impurities that had entered the premadharma, religion of unadulterated love, propagated by rman Mahprabhu and who would have revealed its pure message? Who would have distributed the beauty of devotional service in the mood of separation, given by rman Mahprabhu to the world?  O Prabhu, there is no end to your mercy.

1        A pseudosect of so-called Vaiavas who variously misinterpret the original teachings of rla Rpa Gosvm. Some even indulge in debauchery in the name of bhakti, by trying to imitate the transcendental loving affairs of r Rdh and r Ka.


I Humbly Pray at Your Lotus Feet

O merciful master, on this day of your disappearance, may the remembrance of your mercy become my life and soul. How far can an insignificant and wretched soul like me touch upon your immeasurable compassion? Even the demigods cannot adequately sing its glories. Nonetheless, I will be blessed if one day I can be fortunate enough to serve the lotus feet of one of your servants, thereby connecting with your mercy. Today, on your disappearance day, I humbly pray at your lotus feet that I may not become degraded by committing any offences and that I may eternally remain engaged in the service of the servants of your servants.

Translated from Sri Gaudiya Patrika, Year 8, Issue 11
by the Rays of The Harmonist team.
Published in English for the first time in Rays of The Harmonist No. 14 Karttika 2004

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