July 1, 1999: Pula, Croatia

Lecture by Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja

Then you will be free. If not, by the time, he might have left this world. Now, you have to weep, weep. Repeat namam and weep, weep. Because the Lord will say that I have committed offense. But he is not available to may go and beg to excuse me. Don't think nama:

verse ? krsna nama aparadher koroye vicar
If you repeat krishna namam these offenses must be counted. You must, without offense you must repeat. And if you commit offense, then whatever you have practiced it will go away. So, you must be very careful repeating namam. And then this namam is very merciful. Merciful. Very merciful. It is told:

(verse ?)
jayatu jayatu devo devaki-nandano 'yam
jayatu jayatu krishno vrishni-vamsa-pradipah
jayatu jayatu megha-syamalah komalango
jayatu jayatu prithvi-bhara-naso mukundah
srinvata satata krsna gunatasya
sate tirtham nati dirghena kalena
bhagavan visate rupam
If you repeat Krishna, if you hear Krishna. And now you are repeating but incessantly you repeat without offense then, very soon, Lord will enter into your heart. And he will occupy your heart. Your heart will be the throne of the Lord. He won't to go from that throne. And then the Lord will be yours. And if I am his:

(verse ?)amita tomar sunita amar ..... apara dhane
"O Lord, I belong to you. I have surrendered to you. I am yours and you are mine. I know you. I never know anybody except you. I am none. I am helpless. You are my father, you are my mother, you are my wealth, you are my knowledge. Everything you are. I have surrendered to you. I don't know anybody. I know you."

By saying that, if I surrender, then the Lord in return will surrender to you. As Nanda Maharaja surrenders, surrenders. Now Krishna has surrendered to Nanda. As Yashoda surrenders to Krishna, now Krishna surrenders to Yashoda. Yashoda wanted to tie Krishna with a rope. But Krishna is anadi. He has no beginning and no end. How can you tie him with a rope which has beginning and end. And Krishna's body is normal. It is not increasing like Vamana avatara.

Vamana, when he came to Bali Chakravarti, a dwarf. Very beautiful. Charming. And when Bali saw:

"Oh, I am very fortunate. I am very fortunate. I am fully fortunate. And by your arrival to our place all are fortunate and all are happy. Now, what do you want? If you want three worlds I will give you."

He said:

"No. I don't want three worlds. I want only three feet. Three feet. According to my feet, measure three feet. And that three feet you give. One foot, one foot."

"What is this? I am the master of three worlds. You want three feet."

"Yes, we will be happy to receive that."

Then his guru, his spiritual master came: "You fellow. You do not know what is the harm waiting for you. You are doing the harmful action. The moment you give three feet then he will expand his body throughout three worlds. You cannot give him three feet."

And, he said:

"Sir, I have already promised. If I promise I have promised. I am afraid of deceiving the brahmin boy. He asked. I have said already: "Yes, I will give you." Now, how can I withdraw it?"

The Guru said:

"You fellow, you suffer. You suffer."

He went away. Now, Vamana became very, very big. With one foot he took all the earthen phase, all, one foot. Next foot. Oh, that mastered whole ether, all air. Then, where is the other foot? Then he asked Bali:

"You have promised me three feet. Now two you have given. Where shall I put? Because everything I have already taken in these two foot. Their whole empire I have taken. Yes. Where is three feet? Third foot where shall I put?"

He said:

"Please place it on my head."

Then he placed. Now, when he did this, Vamana asked Garuda to tie him with varuna-pasha. So he was tied by the rope. The knowledge emerits, all his servants, ministers they all came and abused Vamana:

"What is this? Our Lord has given you three feet. Promised you three feet. You received. Why should you tie him?"

Then Bali said:

"No, you have no power. You are, you can not."


"For my... because I have surrendered to him. My body I have surrendered. First empire I have surrendered. Now, the body I have surrendered. So, I am not here. Your king is not here. Bali is not here. I am his. So, there is no question of arguing for me. You go."

Then the Lord said:

"Oh, you have surrendered. Though you have given, promised me three feet, I have tied you. Yet, you never revolted against it, decision. And you have accepted. Now, I shall give you, that in return, I will be always at your palace, gate to see me always. I surrender to you. You have surrendered. I surrender."

Now, Sutala loka, Bali is there. The empire is Sutala loka. Now Vishnu stands. Vamana stands at his gate. Daily you will see. And this is called atma-nivedana, surrender. The result of surrender is: the Lord will fully surrender to you. If you surrender to the Lord, Lord will be yours. You can control the Lord. You ask Lord to do this, he will do that. "Lord, don't do this". He will not do. He will carry out your orders. So, like that. The devotion. People say:

"What devotion? What devotion? What?"

They, this sublime stage and the nectar that can be enjoyed, devotee can enjoy and nondevotee cannot understand. Who can understand? mad bhakto

man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
Gita conclusion, 18th chapter. Krishna says the summum bonum. Says: man-mana bhava - always remember me, mad bhakto bhava - be my devotee and serve me. Devotee without service; no devotee. He must do service. What service? Service means his body hrisikena hrisikesa sevanam bhaktir ucyate These are our organs, body, limbs, organs or senses. All our limbs we must surrender to the Lord. If... What is that surrender? With our eyes we will see only the figure of Lord Krishna. With our ears we will hear all his glories. With tongue we will always take his food, prasad, whatever we offer. And always we repeat the glories of the Lord, always. Sing the glories, hear the glories and head to prostrate before the Lord Krishna. And the body embrace the murtis and the Vaisnavas. So, his every limb, every organ, every sense was engaged in the service of the Lord. Who is that? He is Ambarisha Maharaja. So, we must become Ambarisha Maharaja. Then Krishna will be pleased. But, if we want to be a Vaisnava first we have to surrender to the Lord. And without surrender if we want to be a Vaisnava it is only like a person in the theater. Theater, stand up with... he'd dance away Vaisnava Narada or some Vaisnava. He will be action. Going action. But that is actually he is not a Vaisnava. Though they maintain formalities, but their inside, inner heart is not a Vaisnava. They show outside. They picture one outside picture. No inside picture. Internally we must become servant of the Lord, internally. If we internally and externally, we follow and serve the Lord:

sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah

If we become surrendered, complete surrender, then Lord's name, Lord's form and Lord's beauty or Lord's pastimes, everything will dance upon the tongue of a devotee. So, devotee wants to control the tongue. The tongue only speak wise.

tunde tandavini ratim vitanute
The devotee, the devotee! Who is that devotee? The gopi. They, all, all the gopis are followers of Radhika devi. Now, this stage Madhisvari(? 13:50). Who says isvari. Now, if the blessings of isvari, one can be a true follower of Radhika devi, then she will serve Krsna. She will be allowed to serve Krsna and she knows how to serve Krsna. And he will repeat the namam always, day and night, repeat namam. Incessantly repeat namam. He becomes so pure. And in the pure heart, pure tongue he wanted to control repetition namam. So steadily he repeats namam. Though you tie the tongue, the tongue will repeat.

And Haridas Thakur was repeating three lakhs namam daily. Now, the Muslim government ordered him not to repeat Krishna namam. Then he said:

"You cannot say so. I am repeating! It is my will! I am repeating. You cannot stop it. If you kill this body, destroy this body, if the tongue is there, tongue will repeat nonstop."

So, such a determination, such attachment with namam one must have. If not, everything is at false. All our activities are false activities. Our strain, mental strain or physical strain in the name of devotion or devotee, everything is hopeless. No use. We must be determined to follow the Vaisnavas. Always. Without the association of a Vaisnava, without the blessing of a Vaisnava I can not able to follow this path or repeat namam. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu when he was repeating namam daily, sankirtan daily, always, only devotees, those who are pure devotees, they were allowed, no others were allowed. Others are out of the gate. When they want to hear the sankirtan and see sankirtan: "No." Mahaprabhu never allowed. Who? Only devotees. Nondevotion nonallowed. One day, Srivas Pandit's house it is. Now, Srivas Pandit's son suddenly died. And Mahaprabhu was performing sankirtan in the front room. Now, Mahaprabhu asked:

"Srivas. Anything happened? Misfortune? Anything happened?"

He said:

"No sir! When you are in my house I am all... nothing, no damage to me. No harm to me. No suffering to me. No loss to me. I am happy."

After half an hour again Mahaprabhu said:

"Srivas. Anything? Anything happened? Any accidents?"

"Nothing. Nothing."

Then other Vaisnavas, they told:

"Srivas lost his son."

When they were crying Srivas went inside and said:

"Why you are crying" "Your boy died."

"Let him die but if you now weep then Mahaprabhu will stop his sankirtan. So don't weep now. Early morning you'll weep when Mahaprabhu stops his sankirtan."

Through the night he will be doing sankirtan; dancing, singing, beating. Not sitting. This is not sankirtan. Sankirtan, sankirtan's dancing, singing and with instruments and mridanga. Now our sankirtan not even a drop of it, a drop. What is drop? What is that? Sweating. Our body doesn't sweat even a drop of water. Because we never feel it, sankirtan. They used to feel throughout the night. Throughout the night they will be dancing in. We cannot do sankirtan sitting for five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour. Half an hour. "Go, go ..." One should no. Now Mahaprabhu, when he heard Srivas's son died, then Mahaprabhu says:

"How is you heart? There is no, this sorrow. A man only feels sorry... The extension of sorry is to the sons death. Now, the extreme suffering, extreme suffering that you son died. And you are dancing with us, singing with us. I have never seen, I have never heard about such a devotee who is able to maintain his, keep his heart still and he is dancing and singing. Though he lost his son. Is there any devotee in this world like Srivas?"

No. Noone. Such a devotee. Such devotees are allowed to sing with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at our sankirtan. This is not sankirtan. But, yet we are not fortunate enough to see such sankirtan. Now, we hear in the scriptures: Chaitanya-caritamrita, Anupadyavali or different Vaisnavas wrote several songs. In this we can know how they performed sankirtan. So, that sankirtan must be an automatic sankirtan. Mahaprabhu was weeping. Mahaprabhu went there and touched the boy and told the boy:

"Boy, where are you going?"

Then the boy said:

"Sir, I am fortunate. I see you. I heard your nama sankirtan. I was born in the house of Srivas Pandit. Now, according to my past karma I was here for twelve years, thirteen years. Now I have to go to other place. That I have no hand to control. I cannot stay. Though you say I cannot stay."

The boy went away. And he also:

verse(? 21:55) tekasa pati putradya mohe vai karanam
Srivas also thought:

"Who is my boy? I am not his father. He is not my son."

But, though we know this, whatever affection towards the son is always there. And that son, whether he will respond to the love of the father? No, guarant. Today a father loves his boy and maintains with hardship and he protects the boy, educates the boy. And boy, when grown up, he never cares for father. And moves as he likes. And he becomes a drunkard. He will have sex. Father cannot control. But yet the father has an affection towards that child. But here, though he was a great Vaisnavas and he could not able to follow this matter. Certainly a vaisnava will follow. Mahaprabhu was keeping namam. We cannot say anything. No words come out from my or your mouth and how he is brave enough to do sankirtan. This is how the tolerance a Vaisnava has is inaccessible to others. And:

trnad api sunicena
taror api sahisnuna
The devotee is like a tree. If you cut the tree it will never take reaction. Never deny. Or if you want to cut the branches, take away leaves or don't pour water and let it die it does no harm. It only stands there to serve others. So also a sadhu, a devotee is living only to serve others. Not only his family members or kit and kin but all. Not doing only human, humanity. Even the beasts and birds also he serves. They, the birds sit upon his body because they know: "The man will never harm." So, the other animals or other birds and beasts they never harm to a sadhu. Why sadhu should remain in forest?

(verse 25:05) vanam tu sattvika vacam
This is a vanam. No human is there. No human, humanity, man and woman is there. But here, this is not a vanam. This is not such a vana. Not such a forest. This is a playing forest for or this people. In the summer they want to play. They have got their wagons, their homes, houses, a car, or moving that house. And they dance, they sing, they take bath in the see. And all enjoyment. It is all enjoyment. Nothing but enjoyment. But actually in India we see many sacred forests are there where all the emperors, those who ruled country for fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years and at last they resign and give the power to their children and go to the forest. Going there not to enjoy. They never have, one cloth only. Nothing. Not even a glass. Nothing water for. Nothing. No place. No chair. No asanas. Nothing. Like a beast roaming in the forest he also roams. When he feels hungry only he will take the leaves of the tree and drink the water of the river. And no asanas, no pillows, no cart. Nothing enjoyment. Though he is an emperor. He can arrange and sit and leave the forest? No. That is not the forest life. Forest life is forest life. In the forest no cooking. Who will cook? Where is the pot for cooking? So, no cooking it. Only roots, flowers and fruits. Ripe fruits or unripe fruits or some leaves, soft leaves they eat. That is their food. They have enjoyed all this food. But we, though we have enjoyed throughout our life. But in the old days also we take a car and see that: lines of them. Cottages. That is not a cottage. That is a heavenlike cottage there. They will be happy. Happily sleep, happily eat and dishes, all dishes they enjoy. For enjoyment they come here. So, this is not forest life. Forest life is we must be; always equality he has. He treats all alike. Even a serpent does him no thing. Serpent will not come. He will see serpent is passing. It doesn't do any harm. The tiger is coming and going. Because, tiger knows that he will never harm him, never harm him. So, they treat all alike. They all called:

(? 28:34) vanandu sattvika vaca
Almost all the sages, they used to remain in the forest. They won't shave. And they have all their beards, mustaches and the hair grown up. That is called jata, big, big. They won't take oil bath. They won't take. Even in cool time also, only they rub this ashes of this wood. They burn the wood. The ash will be there. That they will rub. But this only to protect cold. That depends on fire. But they are happy. They never take anybody's reword. Never anxious to take from anybody for enjoyment. They don't want enjoyment. They've already enjoyed throughout their life. Now, renunciation.

( ? 29:40) praprtiresa buhutanam nivritasya maha para
They have enjoyed. Now they must to suffer. They suffer. And they will die. Prithu Cakravarti, Maharaja. He was adi, beginning emperor. Prithu. And he has lot of service. In the country there was no water, no food. Trees no leaves. No fertile country, no water. Due to that all cereals, rice, or wheat or fruits...(end of tape)

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