June 30, 1999: Rijeka, Croatia

Lecture by Srila Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Goswami Maharaja

In the meantime the sadhus also came back and they saw this boy, young boy. He has attachment. He doesn't understand. He doesn't know what we speak, but yet he comes. What we discuss he doesn't know, but he has got an attachment to us. Always. From morning till night he'd serve. And they used to ask him to do some little service. And they used to give him some roti or something. That also he used to eat. When four months completed then the sadhus declared:

"Now, we have completed four months. Our vrata completed. Now we are going. We will go tomorrow."

The boy heard. Then he cried:

"You take me with you!".

Then, they said:

"No. Boy. You are the single boy of your mother and if you go away, who will look after you. And mother will die. Don't come with us. Live with your mother who gives you food, lodging, everything. Then, now who will look after you, if you come with us? We cannot look after you. And your mother? Now you stay."

Then weeping, weeping, he wept. It so happened after some time his mother got bit by a snake. Early in the morning she was coming to milk a cow and snake bite her. When the mother was killed the boy taught:

"Yes, my mother, I lost my mother. Then who will feed me? Who will look after me? Who will give me food? Who will take care of me? In this village nobody will look after me. Why should I stay here? I lost my mother."

So, "Its OK", he thought. He walked, walked to the northern side of Himalayas, and on the way a big Pippal tree and he came under that tree. Now, he was very hungry. He thought:

"All right. I will sit here and repeat there mantra. It was mantra they chose to repeat, do bhajan. I will do it."

So started bhajan. And then he practiced that. Then he heard a voice from the sky. Somebody's informing voice:

"You don't try, in this life you cannot reach Vaikuntha, sublime stage. In this life you repeat namam. And gradually throughout the life death comes to you naturally. Then you cannot commit suicide. Naturally death must come to you. After 50, 60, 80 years or 100 years it must come. Death must come naturally. And then you will come to my abode."

Now, after

namany anantasya hata-trapah pathan
guhyani bhadrani krtani ca smaran
gam paryatams tusta-mana gata-sprhah
kalam pratiksan vimado vimatsarah
Now, he was traveling throughout the world. Always singing loudly the name of the Lord. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. And thinking in his mind about pastimes of Lord Krishna, and Matsya avatara, Kurma avatara, Varaha avatara, Nrsimha avatara, Vamana avatara. All these incarnations. The pastimes of those incarnations. And those, the confidential, or lilas or pastimes you should remember, you should remember. And you should eagerly utter namam. He did Krishna namam while traveling. While traveling the death has come. When the death has come then he, after death he reached Vaikuntha. Now, he is the associate of Vaikuntha, Narayana. Yes. Always there singing the glories of the Lord. He is alive. He is alive. If you want to see Narada you can see. Then if you practice Harinam then you can see Narada. Narada is alive, Narada. And Narada is preacher to demons and demigods alike. Demigods respect him, and the demons also respect him. Because, he tells the truth. Falsehood never says. Now, those who repeat namam have no enemy. If there anybody commits any mischief with them, they will suffer. But if a devotee who's always repeating namam, day and night, incessantly, and, he has no enemy, all are his friends; the beasts and birds, animals, the animals, cruel animals never do any harm to him. And this repetition of namam.

Now, Chaitanya Mahaprahu, when he was going to Vrindavan through Chotanagpur, Jharikhand. It is a forest track, thick forest. Now, we saw, yes, it is not thick, yet it is thick. We have traveled all this track..................and coming from morning we saw the forest. And many, though no beast is there. But the trees are there. No man is there. Then Mahaprabhu has to walk from Puri to Vrindavan. More then 2000 miles he should walk. And while walking, long forest, Mahaprabhu was singing Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, loudly. There is no man. Because there is no man he repeats happy. If the man are there he will never repeat so loudly. When there is no man. No man's land. All the beasts and birds and the trees. And is repeating loudly. And all the trees also they reach out Hare Krishna, they say Hare Krishna. When you go through the thick forest and repeat namam whatever sound you utter, the tree sound, the trees will be sounding. So, all the beasts, all the birds, all the animals. All cruel animals. All gathered around Mahaprabhu hearing Hare Krishna. Elephants. They are coming to drink water. Mahaprabhu throughout water Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna. They also utter Hare Krishna in their language. Even the tigers, cruel animals. They also. Making that ......... And the whale and they also sing. Even the lions. Even the serpents. And even the cruel animals. And the beast. And the goat. They also come. They also follow hari namam. No enmity in them. No enmity. The tiger when sees a goat immediately he will devour it. But now, the goat is kissing the tiger. Because that namam, through that namam, through the power of the namam the enemy will become your friend. And no enemy in this forest.

And Haridas Thakur who was non-Hindu, who was chanting daily three lakhs namam, three lakhs. Your such three lakhs would require 24 hours. Now, whether we have got 24 hours? We sleep, we eat. No time. No time. He used to repeat namam till he lost day. At the age of 90 he become weak. One day, daily Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was there in Puri. And he used to send prasad, Jagannath prasad, through Govinda. And one day when Govinda brought prasad, he asked:

"Haridas. Prasad? Jagannath?"

No, I offer my obeisances. Then he took one parcel of that prasad. Was lying on the ground repeating namam. Next day Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came and asked:


verse 10:39 ?
Haridas said:

"All well. I am well physically. But mentally I am suffering. What is that disease? The disease is: till now I completed three lakhs namam daily without stop. Now, due to old age I am unable to complete three lakhs namam. So when I am unable to complete three lakhs namam why should I survive? I should not take prasad. I am determined to leave this world tomorrow. Tomorrow by ten o'clock I will leave this world."

And, Mahaprabhu is astonished. He said:

"With whom I will stay if you go away?"

"No. There are thousands of devotees. You can stay."

"No. No. No. You don't go."

"No. I will go away. I will go tomorrow. And early in the morning you please bring all the devotees, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred devotees. All of them will come here. And feet dust on my head and they may stand all around me and do bhajan. By 10 everything for me, if I will look at your face and repeat namam by correct ten I will leave."

So, on the next day Mahaprabhu carried the order of Haridas and brought all the devotees. And then feet dust was given to Haridas and they started bhajan. They were standing doing bhajan. And Mahaprabhu was sitting. By 10 when its right, 10 right, his life has gone. He said: "Krishna Chaitanya!" and passed. Then Mahaprabhu was weeping. Mahaprabhu carries that body and took that body to the ocean. They washed it. After washing Mahaprabhu performed Samadhi. Now you see at Puri Haridas samadhi at the banks of the sea. So, he is lost. And he begged all devotees to feed them all. I want to feed 500 devotees today. It is the disappearance day of Haridas. All of you come. He never asked anybody to ... When he asked all are giving. And with it he asked all vaisnavas to sit and he himself distributed it. But, unless Mahaprabhu eats, nobody will eat. So he sat. Mahaprabhu, he was feeling happy and feeling sorry. Because he cannot have the association of Haridas Thakur. And now happy because Haridas wanted to go and he has gone. What can be done? ........ Now, here the namam, Nama Acarya, he was Nama Acarya. Nobody can be acarya unless he practices. The meaning of acarya

verse ? 14:43
So, that those who discuss and practice and realize, they are called acaryas. By writing Nama Acarya on paper one cannot become acarya. Acarya must practice day to day. He will be an acarya. Now, this namam we could able to explain you. Because time is short. We are happy to see you all.

(end of lecture)

And the risis, sages, they have got different views. Now, how can you follow one path? That one path how can you know and how can you follow? Then it is told: mahajano yena gata sa pantha. The margam, the path who's traveled by mahajanas. Who are those mahajanas? Svayambhu, Brahma, Narada, Sambu, Siva, Kumara, Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana, Sanat-kumara, Kapila, Kapilacarya, Manu, Svayambhuva Manu, Prahlada, Janaka, Bhisma, Bali cakravarti, Sukadeva and Yama dharmaraja. These twelve mahajanas. They are the authorities of dharma. If we want to know dharma then we have to follow them. Then only we can reach our spontaneous or our sublime stage or Vaikuntha wherefrom if we reach that place we never return from there.

yad gatva na nivartante
tad dhama paramam mama
So, to know that. The mahajanas. These mahajanas. One of them is sukajo sukendra; Sukadeva gosvami. What did he say? He said only Srimad Bhagavatam. No other. No other text. No other sastras. He told:

srimad-bhagavatam puranam amalam yad vaisnavanam priyam
yasmin paramahamsyam ekam amalam jnanam param giyate
yatra jnana-viraga-bhakti-sahitam naiskarmyam aviskrtam
tac chrnvan supathan vicarana-paro bhaktya vimucyen narah
Now, if you practice bhagavata. If we read, study bhagavata and study Vaisnava, truth there taught by a vaisnava, through the mercy of a vaisnava. The conclusion of bhagavata is the last end. pramanam amalam. It is amala pramana. It is nothing impurity. It is pure. Sudha, pure. And that pure without having the association of gunas; rajo guna, tamo guna or satva guna. It is nirguna. The Lord is nirguna and if we want to know the Lord we must be nirguna. That nirguna is to be properly understood. If we read bhagavata under the guide of a Vaisnava then we can realize the truth. Now, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared 500 years back and he says:

aradhyo bhagavan vrajesa-tanayas
He says to all:

"All of you worship Vrajendra nandana. Nanda-nandana. He is the son of Nanda."

"He was born to Vasudeva. How can you say Nanda?"

"Yes, he is. Nanda has more devotional love towards Krishna then Vasudeva. So Nanda-nandana Krishna. Who is Krishna? One meaning of Krishna, hundred meanings, thousand meanings, I don't know,"

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replied to one acarya, Vallabha Acarya. He wrote that I have written in detail the names of Krishna, his meaning. Then he said:

"I have no time to listen."

He gently avoided it, saying that:

"I know only one. That Krishna is Nanda-nandana. Nanda-nandan Krishna."

Nanda has got so much affection towards Krishna that Krishna has become his son, became his slave.

aham iha nandam vande
yasyalinde param brahma
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked one scholar:

"To whom you worship?"

He said that:

"Others worship vedas or smriti sastra. I don't worship. I don't even worship bhagavad-gita or mahabharata."

"Then what do you worship?"

aham iha nandam vande

"I worship only Nanda."

"Is he God?"

"Yes. If I worship Nanda. When the Nanda is pleased I can easily see his son. If anybody... The Krishna is playing in the yard of Nanda. Always playing. And now, if I go and request Nanda maharaja:

"I have come to see your boy."

Then he will say:

"Boy! Somebody has come to see you.""

But, if we directly approach, Krishna will never respond to you. If you say:

"Directly I will approach. I have got tongue. I have got all senses. I am intelligent. I have studied everything and I have got penance or austerity or renunciation. Everything I have got. I will approach directly."

Krishna will close the door. He will never allow to come in and see him. But, if he approach through his devotees. Devotee, supreme devotee is Nanda maharaja. There is no other devotee so much greater then Nanda maharaja. Because, Nanda maharaja, whenever Krishna was playing with his playmates, Nanda maharaja says:


Krishna hearing this he told all his playmates:

"You boys, you go home. Father is calling. I am going home."

Now, he ran to father. Then father:

"Just take your bath and take food and you then eat and go to forest."


aham iha nandam vande.

Nanda has more affection towards Krishna than Vasudeva. More affection. So, the vatsalya rasa you can find from Nanda. So, Nanda could control Krishna through his devotion. If Nanda maharaja says to bring those sandals:

"You bring the sandals. You bring the pot. You bring that cloth."

Anything you say the boy do.

Can you command the Lord? You cannot command the Lord. Who can command? A devotee like Nanda maharaja can command. You cannot command. So,

aham iha nandam vande
yasyalinde param brahma
Where is parabrahma? Parabrahma is not in Vaikuntha. Parabrahma is not in all the scriptures. Parabrahma is not in the heart of a yogi. Parabrahma is not with other rishis. Where is he? He is playing in the yard of Nanda maharaja. Now, if you want Krishna, if you want Krishna you must pray to Nanda Maharaja. Mahaprabhu says:

aradhyo bhagavan vrajesa-tanayas

There also he says, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu:

"All of you should worship Krishna."

Who is that Krishna? Vrajesa. Vraja. Vrindavan. The master of Vrindavan is Nanda. vrajesa-tanayas Nanda's son, Krishna. You must worship Nanda's son Krishna. And how to worship:

vrajavadhu-vargena ya kalpita

vrajavadhu - Gopis. As they have performed their devotion towards Krishna, that way you have to follow. And what is the authority?

"You are saying this. Shall we to accept you? Or is there another authority?"

Though Krishna is the Supreme authority yet he obliges. He says:

"There is authority."

"What is that authority?"

"Srimad-bhagavatam. Srimad-bhagavat is authority."

Now, we have to admit that bhagavat is the authority. Without authority whatever we say it may not be approved. Appreciated by all. As when you go ahead in the court head, an advocate. Now, he is arguing at some case. By arguing he must quote the authority, the section and authority. Unless he quotes the superior authority judge will never approve him, argument. So Mahaprabhu said:

"There is shastra, the authority. I am not saying this, but the authority."

srimad bhagavatam pramanam amalam. It is the pure puranam. It is the authority. And it has nothing material. Everything is spiritual. And bhagavatam pramanam amalam yad vaisnavanam priyam or pancam purushartha pramanam for prayojana, prema. prema pumartho mahan. Now, you practice devotion. That devotion at a ripe stage is prema. Just like sadhan-bhakti, bhava-bhakti and prema-bhakti. Bhakti is the supreme dharma. That bhakti... But we have to practice sadhan. What ... are those sadhan? sravanam kirtanam visnoh smaranam pada-sevanam arcanam vandanam dasyam sakhyam atma-nivedanam These are the nine types of bhakti taught by Srimad bhagavatam which says that every one should... (break of tape)

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