Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Antya Lila Chapter One

I worship the two brothers Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda. They are the most magnanimous Supreme Lords, transcendentally situated and embodying inconceivable spiritual potency. These two Supreme controllers have now appeared on this earth in Their eternal forms

O Lord, I offer my repeated obeisances at Your lotus feet. You are the Supreme Absolute Truth, omniscient of the past, present and future. You have now appeared as the son of Sri Jagannatha Misra. I also offer my fallen obeisances at the feet of all Your devotee servitors, who are Your sons (goswamis in the renounced order of life or the congregational chanting of the holy name which You fathered and propagate), Your consorts (according to apparent analysis, Visnupriya, who is the Bhudevi potency, Laksmipriya who is the Sridevi potency and Nabadwip Dham, which is lila or nila or durga potency - according to the consideration of mellow - these spiritual potencies are represented by Gadadhara, Narahari, Ramananda, Jagadananda and so on

All glories to Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the beloved Lord of Laksmidevi, the goddess of fortune. Lord Nityananda is very dear to Him. All glory to the Lord of Vaikuntha and the best amongst all the sannyasis. All glory to His illustrious devotees. Lord GauraChandra is the friend of the fallen souls. Please place Your lotus feet on the throne of my heart. Please hear attentively the topics described in the Antya-lila dealing with the Lord's activities after taking sannyasa and His traveling to Jagannatha Puri.

The night if His sannyasa initiation, Lord Chaitanya remained in Katwa. Immediately after the completion of the sannyasa ceremonies, the Lord instructed Mukunda to sing. He stood up and began to dance vigorously. The devotees encircled Him and joined in the chorus. The Lord was immediately overcome with ecstacy. As He danced the Lord experienced heavy breathing, laughter, perspiration, shivering, horripilation and roaring. Then with a voice like thunder or the roaring of a thousand lions He crashed to the ground. The impact of His fall sent shock waves amongst the spectators. The kamandalu flew out of His hand to one side and the sannyasa staff went in another direction. The Lord became enraptured and maddened with love for Himself. Dancing and swirling, He went to His guru and embraced Him with glowing pleasure.

In the Lord's merciful embrace Kesava Bharati was enlightened with love of God. He began to dance singing and pirouetting ecstaticly. His kamandalu and danda flew from his grip. He became oblivious to the external world and intoxicated with divine love he rolled on the ground, unaware that his clothes no longer covered his body. The Lord was pleased to see Kesava Bharati in such ecstacy. They danced together, putting the devotees into fits of ecstacy. The devotees appreciated this rare sight with vociferous chanting of the holy name.

I offer my obeisances at the feet of Kesava Bharati, the most stalwart sannyasi, for he danced with the Supreme Lord who is difficult to meet even for the personefied Vedas. He is the guru of the Lord of the entire endless creation. The night flitted by as the guru and his disciple danced together. At dawn the Lord begged leave of His guru saying "I will enter the forest, and there I will find the Lord of My heart Krishna Chandra.

His guru replied, "I will accompany You and relish with You the ecstacy of sankirtan."

The Lord benedicted His guru and allowed him to come with Him, requesting him to walk in front while He followed behind.

As the Lord was preparing to leave, He embraced Chandrasekhara Acarya and began to cry loudly. Lord Chaitanya said, "Please return home to all the Vaishnavas and tell them that I have left for the forest. Please go back without the slightest remorse, I am always imprisoned in your heart. You are My father and I your son. You are My eternal associate." The Lord then left. Chandrasekhara Acarya was overpowered by strong emotions and fell unconscious. No one can understand the Lord's inconceivable potency, and therefore even the unbearable pain of separation can keep a person alive.

After some time when he regained consciousness, Chandrasekhara Acarya left for Nabadwip. He informed everyone in Nabadwip that the Lord had entered the forest wearing His sannyasa robe. This news deeply pained all the devotees and they cried out in the excruciation of separation. The devastating effect of the news was widespread and intense. Advaita Acarya, numbed with grief cried, "I cannot live" and fell unconscious. The heart-rending cries of the devotees could have melted the most cruel heart. Sacidevi stood motionless like a wooden doll in stony silence, shocked by the news. The other ladies fell to the ground wailing piteously. Advaita Acarya, regaining consciousness exclained, "What further use do I have for this life now that my Lord has gone away. I will throw myself into the Ganga, and if you restrain me I shall do it in the darkness of night." The throbbing pain of separation rendered everyone restless and gloomy. They felt sick, uneasy and ready to finish their lives. Although most of them were grave and learned persons, now they were anxious, their minds in turmoil.

As the devotees were preparing to end their lives and their unbearable misery, suddenly a heavenly voice caught their attention - "O Advaita Acarya and all devotees, do not be sad, go worship Krishna happily. Your Lord and master will return in a few days and be amongst you again. Give up your resolve to take your own lives, because you can be with the Lord just as before." Hearing this heavenly message, the devotees forgot about giving up their lives and sat around Sacidevi singing the Lord's glories.

Lord GauraChandra, the best of sannyasis, now traveled with Nityananda, Gadadhara and Mukunda in a westerlly direction, all the time chanting the holy name. In front of the Lord went Kesava Bharati and behind Him was Govinda. Walking like the king of the forest, the Lord was followed by thousands of wailing people. They were all around stamping the forest, but still they followed undeterred. Filled with compassion, the Lord turned to them and said, "All of you go home and chant Krishna's holy name. May you soon be blessed to have Krishna as your life's priceless gift. May that devotional mellow which is desired by Siva, Brahma, Sukadeva Gosvami and others appear in your hearts." The devotees loudly voiced their appreciation and joy and returned home as if in trance. The Lord walked into the district of Radha and blessed the entire tract of land. This district is pleasant, with asvathama trees everywhere. Cows were grazing peacefully in the beautiful natural setting, and the Lord upon seeing this scene began to dance blissfully. Devotees quickly gathered around Him singing and clapping. The Lord chanted "Hari, Hari" in a roaring voice that boomed across the universe, and whoever heard Him was purified of his material contamination. In this way He graced the residents if the Radha district dancing all the way.

The Lord said, "I want to stay in the forest where the Vakresvara Deity is. It is quiet and lonely there." The Lord then continued on His way accompanied by His followers, dancing and singing ecstaticly. The local residents ran out to see the Lord and His wonderful dancing. Although sankirtana had never been performed in that area before, and no one had even seen the effects of Krishna prema manifest in a devotee, now they were offering obeisances to the Lord as He danced and wept in ecstacy. This was a rare experience for them. Amongst them were a few fallen sinners who asked, "Why is He crying so much?" But even those fallen souls were affected by the scene, and by the Lord's mercy they began to roll on the ground crying. The entire universe was now echoing the Lord's name. Yet there remained a few who refused to chant. Anyone who is against the chanting of the Lord's name is indeed the worst kind of sinner. Finally at the day's end the Lord with all His followers came to a village and spent the night in a pious brahmana's house.

The Lord took His meal and went to sleep. The devotees slept all around the Lord. Just a few hours before dawn, Lord Chaitanya stole away quietly from the rest of the devotees and left for an unknown destination. When the devotees awoke early next morning, they found the Lord missing. Again they were swept with waves of despair and melancholia and began to weep bitterly. They searched for Him everywhere inquiring from everyone in the village, but to no avail. They left the roads and paths and went into the fields.

The Lord was absorbed in the transcendental ecstacy of love of Godhead. He walked in the middle of the expansive meadows and wept and wailed loudly. He loudly called out, "O Krishna! My Lord! My father!" The Lord of Vaikuntha, the Supreme Lord of all living entities and the best of the sannyasis wept openly. He cried so loudly that He could be heard several miles away. The devotees searching for the Lord quite a distance from where He was heard this strange crying. They began to follow the sound and soon saw the Lord crying loudly. Seeing their beloved Lord weeping, the devotees also began to cry. Finally Mukunda started to sing. When the Lord heard kirtan He began to dance, and all the devotees surrounded their Lord and happily joined the kirtan. The Lord then continued His journey westward, dancing on the way, with the devotees following singing kirtan.

When they were only eight miles from Vakreswara, the Lord decided to change direction. He turned around and went east, still absorbed in the ecstacy of dancing. He was blissful and laughing to Himself. Finally He revealed the mystery behind His laughter and change of direction. He said, "I am going to Nilacala, Puri, because Lord Jagannatha has instructed Me, `You should come to Puri immediately'." The devotees were relieved to learn of the Lord's plan. No one can know the workings of the Lord's mind save His intimate devotees, and then only by His mercy can they know His inner desires. Who can fathom why the Lord was first going to Vakresvara and then why finally He did not go? It seems that the Lord in a deceptive way was purifying the residents of the district fo Radha by His presence. There was no other reason for Him going to Radha.

The Lord now journeyed towards the Ganga which lay at a distance. He was always engrossed in the ecstacy of love of Godhead, yet He saw that the residents of the tract of land through which He was passing were disinterested in devotional life. No one chanted Krishna's name; Krishna kirtana was alien to them. Pained, the Lord said, "Why did I come to such a country where they never chant Krishna's holy name? It was a grievous mistake for which I must relinquish my life." Just then a group of little cowherd lads who were grazing their cows passed by. One of them was a very pious boy, and he suddenly began chanting Krishna's name. The Lord was extremely happy to hear the holy name from the mouth of this little boy. Joyfully He relished the moment and said, "The last few days I passed through many villages and nowhere was Krishna's name being chanted. Suddenly now out of the blue a young lad is chanting the holy name. Tell me what could be the reason?" The Lord spoke again, "How far is the Ganga from here?" The devotees replied, "About an hour's walk." The Lord continued, "This is the greatness of Mother Ganga. Due to her influence one hears the chanting of Krishna's name here. The breezes from the Ganga have purified this place." Glorifying Gangadevi in this manner, the Lord increased everyone's reverence towards her. The Lord spoke again, "I will cleanse Myself completely in the Ganga today." and again He started on His journey.

The Lord walked with the pace and grace of a maddened lion. The devotees ran to catch up with Him. The Lord's eagerness to see Gangadevi quickened His steps and the devotees found it impossible to keep up with Him. Only Lord Nityananda, also walking like a lion, accompanied Him . They reached the banks of Gangadevi early in the evening. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda entered her waters with relish and thoroughly washed Themselves, profusely praising the Ganga with selected verses. They drank her cooling waters and offered obeisances to her.

The Lord prayed, "O Gangadevi, your waters are the ambrosia of love of Godhead. Lord Siva is conversant with the truth about you. Such is your potency that the mere utterance of your name invokes devotional service to the Supreme Lord, and the result of drinking your water is miraculous. By your mercy the living entities acquire a taste for chanting Krishna's holy name. Because of your influence, even the wild beasts and birds that live close to your waters become more fortunate than wealthy men who live far away from you. No one is more potent than yourself in purifying sins. In fact, you have descended to this material plane only to allieviate the sins of the living entities."

As the Lord glorified Gangadevi in this manner, she became bashful. That Supreme Lord whose feet are the source of Gangadevi was now eulogizing her - how wonderful was the incarnation of the Supreme Godhead in the form of Lord Chaitanya. One who hears these verses in praise of Gangadevi with faith will certainly develop attachment for Lord Chaitanya.

That night, the Lord and Nityananda Prabhu stayed in a righteous brahmana's house. The next day, the rest of the devotees arrived and found Lord Chaitanya. Together they again proceeded tpwards Nilacala, Puri. Lord Chaitanya said to Nityananda Prabhu, "My dear magnanimous Prabhu Nityananda, You must immediately leave for Nabadwip. Srivasa Pandita and the other devotees are grievously afflicted due to My departure. You must allieviate their pain. Take this message from Me to them that on My way to Nilacala I will be waiting for them in Santipura in the house of Advaita Acarya. You bring them there right away. I am going to Phulia to see Haridasa." Sending off Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya headed for the village of Phulia.

Having received His orders from Lord Chaitanya, Nityananda Prabhu journeyed toward Phulia in exultation. Lord Nityananda is always absorbed in the bliss of love of Godhead, His voice booming like thunder in ecstacy. Now He traveled almost like a maddened elephant, oblivious of everything around Him, no rules or taboos restricting His actions.

He stopped under a kadamba tree for a while standing like Krishna. His body bending in three places, He began to play the flute rapturously. When He saw cows grazing, He rolled on the earth, and moving like a calf, He sucked milk from cows. He would break out into a dance while walking, unaware of His surroundings, always submerged in bliss. At other times, He just sat down on the road and wept so bitterly that it would pain one to see Him in that condition. Sometimes He would suddenly stop and start shaking with peals of laughter. Then again He would take the clothing covering His body and wrap it around His head leaving Him naked. At times He would feel in the mood of Ananta Sesha. Making serpent-like movements He would enter the waters of the Ganga and float and swim gracefully in the currents. Lord Nityananda'a potencies are inconceivable, transcendental and mysterious. His limitless compassion is unmatched in all the three worlds.

Lord Nityananda swam in the Ganga all the way to Nabadwip. He got out onto the banks, withdrawing within Himself His inner mood, and went straight to the Lord's house. What He saw pained Him greatly. Sacidevi had been totally fasting for twelve days. Life remained in her only on the strength of her devotional service. But she was completely imbued with Mother Yasoda's mood of pining for her son, and tears rained down from her eyes. Whoever she met she would eagerly ask, "Are you from Mathura? What is the news of Krishna and Balarama?", and swoon in ecstatic spiritual bliss. Then gradually she would again start speaking, "There! I can hear Their flutes and horns. Is Akrura coming to get Them?" Submerged in this manner in the mood of intense separaton, she forgot her physical cares.

Lord Nityananda fell at Sacidevi's feet, offering His obeisances. The devotees greeted Him enthusiasticly, but His presence merely intensified their pining , and they began to weep. Mother Saci cried out,, "My son! My darling boy!", and swooned. The devotees felt a surge of new emotions ripping through their hearts. They embraced Nityananda, and were bathed with His tears of ecstacy. He calmed them down and told them the good news. He said, "You must come immediately, the Lord is awaiting us in Advaita Acarya's house in Santipura. I have come here to take you there." The devotees, who had become lean and weak due to intensely missing their Lord, now received new life. They were jubilant and loudly chanted Krishna's name.

Sacidevi had not touched food or water from the day Nimai left her house to take sannyasa twelve days earlier. Only thoughts of Nimai could sustain her life. For Nityananda her condition was unbearable. He spoke soft reassuring words to her, "Nothing is unknown to you about the mysterious activities of Krishna. What knowledge can I give you about Krishna? Do not burden your heart with despair. Even the Vedas personified cannot receive the grace and good fortune already in your possession. that supreme object sought by the Vedas is your son. He is the life and soul of every living entity. That same Supreme Personality has accepted all spiritual and material responsibilities concerning you. He made this promise with His hand on His chest. The Lord always knows what is best for everyone. You should simply surrender everything at His feet and live happily and peacefully. Now, mother, please go and cook for the satisfaction of all the devotees; this is devotional service to Krishna. Everyone is eager to taste your cooking. If you remain fasting then Krishna has to fast also. I am extremely desirous of relishing the offerings prepared for Krishna by you.

Nityananda's sweet words were like soothing balm to her afflicted heart. She got up and went to make necessary arrangements for the cooking. First she fed Nityananda Prabhu and then she fed all the Vaishnavas. She saw to it that everyone was fully satisfied and then she sat down to eat herself. The devotees were pleased that Sacidevi had broken her twelve day fast. Enlivened by the prasada, the Vaishnavas prepared to go to meet their beloved Lord with Nityananda Prabhu. The residents of Nabadwip were by now familiar with the details of Nimai's sannyasa ceremony. The Lord's wonderful sannyasa name, Krishna Chaitanya, had a miraculous effect on them. They chanted out loud the Lord's name, and glorified Him.

When the people of Nabadwip came to know that the Lord was presently in Phulia village, they became elated and decided to go and see Him there. Old, young, men, women and children all hastened to Phulia chanting jubilantly, "Hari! Hari!" Those atheists and faultfinders who had previously been vituperative against the Lord were now eager to reach Phulia with their friends. They said, "He was born in Nabadwip, but His real identity remained a secret. Out of ignorance we maligned His work and spiritual mission. Now we must fall at His feet and beg forgiveness. Only then will all our offenses be exonerated."

Thousands of people flocked to the pier. The boatmen were in a dillema. Everyone wanted to be the first and they could not risk crossing the river overloaded with people. Many found their own means to cross the river. Some went in small dinghies, others tied themselves to upturned earthen water vessels which made them float easily. Someone used a raft made out of banana tree trunks which was also very handy. Even pregnant women dared the crowd and jostling. Breathing heavily from exertion, they simply chanted Lord Chaitanya's name and made the journey. For the blind ones and lame ones the way became suddenly broad and facile just by remembering Chaitanya's name. A boat carrying hundreds found it impossible to make the other bank and capsized in midstream. This of course did not deter the people. They jubilantly chanted the Lord's name and floated upstream. The people's hearts were so infected with joy that it seemed they actually floated in an ocean of divine mirth.

Those who did not know how to swim seemed to have miraculously become bouyant. By the grace of the Lord, they also were able to cross the river without difficulty. The sky reverberated with ecstatic sounds of the holy name. The people had only one thought in their minds - to reach Phulia. Disregarding all comfort and bodily needs, they joined the mass chanting with careless happy abandon. Their loud cries of "Hari!" echoed in the vaults of the cosmic creation as they reached Phulia.

This wonderful sound of many people chanting reached the Lord. He came out to greet them. The people saw Him and held their breath. His exquisite appearance as a sannyasi and His extraordinarily beautiful face which eclipsed the beauty of millions of moons were a memorable vision for all. The Lord was continuously chanting the holy name as tears of ecstacy cascaded down His cheeks. Everyone was now falling to the ground to offer their obeisances. People fell on top of each other in their fervor to show respect to their Lord. They did not care if there were thorns on the ground. They were all boundlessly happy. They lifted their hands and prayed to the Lord for His protection and shelter, crying out, "Save us! Save us!" The village of Phulia was now teeming with millions of people who were captivated by the infinitely charming face of the Lord. The fields and roads were overflowing with people who had no intention of returning to their houses, for they had even for a moment beheld the lustrous benign face of the Lord.

The Lord blessed them all with His merciful glance and proceeded towards Santipura. When He arrived in Advaita Acarya's house, Advaita Prabhu fell at His beloved Lord's lotus feet. He began to weep, relieved of the miserable pain of separation. He remained supine, His arms curled around the Lord's lotus feet. He bathed them with His tears of love. At last Lord Chaitanya bent down and lifted Advaita Acarya into His warm embrace. Advaita, now soaked by the ecstatic tears of the Lord, again fell to His lotus feet in spiritual perturbation. Calming Himself and Advaita, the Lord sat down. Advaita's house was vibrating with loud exultation.

Acyutananda was Advaita's son. He was a charming and effulgent little child endowed with extraordinary intelligence and supreme influence. Naked as usual for that age and covered in dust, Acyutananda came running to greet the Lord. His great fortune was that he was Advaita's son. He was blissful and smiling for he knew the identity of Lord Chaitanya. He fell at the Lord's feet full of respect. The Lord lovingly took him into His arms inspite of the dust smeared on his small frame. The Lord said, "Acyuta, you know that Advaita Acarya is also my father, hence this makes us brothers. Little Acyuta replied, "You are the well-wishing friend of all living entities. The Vedas describe that You are the original father of everyone." This greatly pleased and amused the Lord, and He smiled knowingly. The Vaishnavas were amazed at his words. They said, "These words are not the babblings of a mere child, but actually carry deep import. Acyuta must be a great personality."

At this moment, Nityananda Prabhu arrived with all the devotees and intimate servitors of the Lord from Nabadwip. When the devotees saw their dear Lord, Srivasa Pandita and the others began loudly chanting and fell flat on the ground offering prayers and tears at the Lord's lotus feet. These devotees were as precious to the Lord as His very life. He lovingly embraced each one of them. The devotees cried out in the pain of ecstacy and separation. Their cries purified the entire earth. To hear pure devotees weeping in love of Godhead can cut assunder the bondage of birth and death of all living entities. This wonderful opportunity was now made available to everyone by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. Even Lord Brahma rarely receives such favors.

Seeing His beloved associates from Nabadwip again after an absence, He began to dance rapturously saturated in ecsatic love of Himself, for He is the Supreme Lord. The devotees began to sing and the Lord encouraged them with loud exclamations of "Sing! Sing!" The Lord caught Nityananda Prabhu by the hand and spun around in ecstatic joy. Stealthily, Advaita Acarya came up from behind and touched the Lord's feet placing the dust on His head. The Lord's dancing postures were enchanting. Simultaneously He manifested the different symptoms of devotional perturbations of weeping, shivering, horripilation, mirth and so on. The movements and nuances of the limbs and different parts of His transcendental body were an expressive composition of some divine love poetry. His arms raised in exultation, and chanting "Hari! Hari!" He enchanted the devotees and submerged them in an ocean of ineffable bliss.

The devotees were just recently deprived of their Lord's presence and now to be again in His company by His mercy was certainly cause for extreme exhilaration and celebration. They surrounded their Lord and danced and pranced oblivious of everything else. They fell on each other, bumped against each other, and rolled on the ground smearing their bodies with the dust of everyone's feet. Someone pressed another devotee's feet against his chest and remained saturated in bliss, tears of joy flowing unrestrained from his eyes. The devotees could not contain their happiness having regained their beloved Lord and master. The Lord of Vaikuntha dancing free from all care with His associates is indeed an extraordinary sight.

Above the sounds of dancing, the singing of the Lord's name rang out loud and clear. Advaita Acarya's house resounded with sounds of mirth, of which only Nityananda Prabhu was fully aware. Lord Chaitanya went around embracing His loving associates and infusing them with love of Godhead. Receiving the Lord's divine touch, the devotees became mad with joy. In a loud voice that resembled the rumbling of thunder they expressed their boundless bliss. This further increased the pleasure of others. As the Lord danced with His associates, Mother Earth seemed to sway and tilt. Nityananda, Advaita and the others all were caught in a maelstrom of infinite ecstacy, and they freely allowed their limbs and body to express their ceaseless happiness. After awhile the Lord stopped dancing and entering a mood of divine Lordship He sat down upon the throne of Lord Visnu.

The devotees stood around Him in great awe and reverence with folded palms as the Lord began to reveal His real identity as the Supreme Lord. He said, "I am Krishna, Rama, Narayana, and Matsya. I have assumed these incarnations and more. I am Kurma, Varaha, Vamana, Buddha, and will be Kalki. I am Prsnigarbha, Hayagriva, the Supreme Lord of lords. I am the moon of Nilacala, Lord Jagannatha; I am Kapila and Nrsima. All living entities visible and invisible are My servitors. The Vedas sing of My supramundane excellences, and I am served by the endless planetary systems. I am time, the destroter of everything except My devotees. All dangers are easily eradicated simply by remembering Me. I rescued Draupadi from great public shame and insult. I also saved the Pandavas from the fire trap in the house of lac. I protected Siva by slaying the terrible demon Vrkasura. I liberated My servant, Gajendra the elephant, from excruciating death pains. I stood by Prahlada in all his tortures. I protected the cowherd boys from all kinds of harm and attacks. I churned the milk ocean to extract the nectar of immortality. I deprived the demons of that nectar and gave it to the demigods, thus aiding them to victory. I slew the obnoxious demon Kamsa, who was threatening My devotees. I finished the demon King Ravana, destroying his entire race. I lifted Govardhana Hill with My left hand, and I tamed the vicious snake- demon, Kaliya. I appeared in Satya-yuga to propagate the practice of austerity and meditation, and in Tretya-yuga to introduce the performance of sacrifices. In Dvapara-yuga My purpose was to establish proper procedures of temple worship. Presently in Kali-yuga I have come to promulgate the congregational chanting of the holy names of God. Even the Vedas fail to ennumerate all My incarnations. In Kali-yuga by participating in this sankirtana movement every sincere soul will taste the nectar of love of Godhead. This is the reason for My appearance in this yuga. The entire Vedic literature instructs the searching soul to seek My shelter, but I am always to be found in the company of My surrendered devotees. They are everything to Me - father, mother, friend, son, brother. Although I am absolutely independent, My nature is to be captivated by My devotees' pure love for Me. All of you are My eternal associates. All My incarnations are only for your pleasure and protection. Know for certain that I cannot remain even for a moment bereft of your association."

Out of His causeless mercy for His devotees and all the living entities, the Lord revealed the confidential knowledge of Himself. The devotees were jubilant. They fell flat on the ground offering obeisances. They were so devotionally perturbed that they were unable to do anything. They prayed and rolled on the ground, relishing the highest ambrosia of love of Godhead. The Lord's associates were now saturated, their previous heartaches due to separation from the Lord were now cured. The compassionate Lord is expert in alleviating everyone's grief, so why should suffering humanity not take shelter of the Lord. Lord GauraChandra is an ocean of mercy. He always discounts the wayward soul's faults and sees his goodness.

Thereafter, withdrawing His mood of supreme opulence and absolute autocracy, the Lord was back to His normal self, calm and composed. He led everyone down to the Ganga to bathe. He played and frolicked in the waters with the devotees. On returning, He watered the tulasi plant, indicating the others should follow, and circumambulated her. Then they all went to the temple room, offered obeisances to Lord Visnu, and circumambulated the Lord. Lord Gaurahari called everyone, and they sat down together to eat. The Lord sat down beside Lord Nityananda amidst happy and cheerful devotees. The Lord was the cynosure of everyone, with His smiling face and golden body covered with sandalwood paste. The scene of the devotees sitting around the Lord with Nityananda Prabhu sitting beside Him was an exact replica of Krishna and Balarama sitting in the forest of Vrndavana surrounded by Their cowherd boyfriends having a picnic with Their packed lunches. Who can fully describe this wonderful happening? As soon as the Lord had finished and left, the devotees jumped up and grabbed His remnants from His plate. Even the old men acted like little boys; such is the transformation that takes place due to contact with the Lord's divine potency. One who hears these pastimes of the Lord and His associates, of their reunions, sankirtana and eating together, will certainly attain Lord Chaitanya's mercy and relish love of Godhead.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda Prabhu are my life and soul. I, Vrndavana dasa, humbly offer this song at Their lotus feet.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

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