Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Madhya Lila Chapter Ten

My dearest friend, Lord Gauranga, Your are an ocean of transcendental qualities. All glory to You and all glory to Lord Nityananda Prabhu, the Supreme Personality without beginning or end.

After bestowing boons to Sridhara, Lord Chaitanya began to gently sway His head, and repeated the name "Nada, Nada, Nada" and spoke to Advaita Acarya, “Acarya! ask what you need". The Acarya replied, "My prayers have already been answered my Lord". Lord Chaitanya appreciated this answer with a thunderous roar that drowned all other sound.

While Lord Chaitanya was still manifesting His "Mahaprakasha"lila in the mood of the Omnipotent, Supremely Opulent Lord, Gadadhara Pandita prepared betel and offered them to the Lord, and the Lord took it and ate it. Lord Nityananda, whose partial expansion Lord Ananta Sesha is the support of the Universe, now held the umbrella over Lord Chaitanya. Advaita Acarya and other great personages stood before Him.

The Lord ordered Murari, "Look at Me", and Murari saw Lord RamaChandra in person. He saw that Visvambhara, Lord Chaitanya was sitting on the kingly throne with the bow and His complexion was green like the fresh tended grass shoots. He saw Janaki devi or Sita devi and Laksmana on His left and all round the brave monkey leaders were offering prayers. Murari perceiving his identity as Hanuman and now seeing his beloved Lord RamaChandra fell down in an ecstatic swoon by Lord Chaitanya's transcendental pastimes.

Lord Visvambhara called out aloud, "Hey, monkey, you seem to forget how the demon Ravana, who stole Sita devi, burnt your face. Enraged you set ablaze his capital, Sri Lanka and destroyed his entire race. I am that same Lord, Your worshipful Lord, now You are again in My presence. Rise, rise Murari, You are as dear to Me as My own life. I am that Lord RamaChandra, You are Hanuman."

See your Laksmana, Your beloved life and soul, You saved His life by bringing the Gandharvamadana mountain. Offer obeisances to the lotus feet of Janaki, Sitadevi, whose distress moved You to profuse tears."

Lord Chaitanya's words brought back Murari's consciousness, and on awakening he saw hat wonderful scene and began to cry in love of Godhead. Murari's ecstatic crying moved even the lifeless dry wood, what to speak about the assembled Vaishnavas.

Again Lord Chaitanya began to speak to Murari, "You may ask Me for any boon."

Sri Murari replied, "My Lord, I do not want anything. Just grant me one wish, that I may sing only Your glories. I may put into any situation but birth after birth I simply want to remember You, and that I may serve You in the association of Your servitors. O my Lord! please do not place me in a position where I may deviate from the Absolute Truth and forget You are the Supreme Lord and I Your eternal servant. Wherever You descend accompanied by Your eternal associates I desire to be there as Your insignificant servitor."

The Lord replied, "So be it! so be it! I grant you this boon." Hearing this, a jubilant up roar from the devotees filled the air.

All the Vaishnava devotees were naturally affectionately disposed to Murari who was always compassionate to all living beings. Such was the purity of Murari's devotion that his mere presence transformed into a holy place of pilgrimage transcendental like Vaikuntha. It is impossible to describe the greatness of Murari for even the Supreme Lord advents for the pleasure of Murari.

Lord Chaitanya then declared, "All of you listen carefully, if anybody criticizes Murari he cannot be saved even by a million dips in the Ganga, in fact his baths in the Ganga or even chanting of Lord Hari's name will certainly destroy such a sinful wretch. "Murari", the Supreme Lord is secretly (gupta) seated in Murari Gupta's heart, this is the spiritual import of Murari's name."

The Vaishnava devotees began to weep in ecstasy chanting Krishna's name seeing how Lord Chaitanya showered His mercy upon Murari. Anyone who hears the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya's extraordinary magnanimity will receive love of Godhead.

While Murari and Sridhara cry in love of Godhead being in front of the Lord, Lord Chaitanya chews on the betel pan with cracking loudness.

Lord Chaitanya then turned His benign glance on Haridasa and called out, "Look at Me Haridasa your body ad birth is superior to Mine and your class and caste is more elevated than Mine. Although that sinful Muslim tormentor has inflicted great pain on you yet I hesitate in My heart to punish him for it will disturb you, knowing your compassionate nature."

Listen Haridasa, when you were lashed with the whip in the different market places. I took up My Sudarsan disc and descended to the earth from Vaikuntha intending to sever the tormentor's heads.

When your tormentors were trying to beat you death all along you were thinking for their well being. You were unconcerned about your own pains, you had only compassion for them, and because of your merciful heart I could not use force, My Sudarsan disc weapon was rendered impotent. I could not strike those men because you were determined to forgive them and so unable to see your misery I protected you from their lashes by placing My back on your back.

"I accepted all those lashes meant for you on My back, see the marks on my back, I am not lying. Whatever other secondary reasons there were for My descent: unable to bear you sufferings I hastened My advent to this world. My beloved "nada", Advaita Acarya fully recognized who you are, I am totally bound by his loving devotion."

Our beloved Lord Chaitanya is very proficient in expanding the glories of His devotees, He will say or do anything to glorify and protect His devotees, He will even swallow fire for his devotees and willingly become His devotees slave.

Lord Krishna recognizes only His devotees and knows nothing else, to Krishna there is no one equal in position to His pure devotees. All those mean offenders who are antagonistic towards such pure devotees of the Lord are devoid of all good fortune. You can see from these pastimes the highly elevated position of the devotees, and the things Lord Chaitanya said to Haridasa Thakura.

When Haridasa heard about he Lord's magnanimous deed he fell swooning to the ground. He lost all external consciousness and was immersed in an ocean of ecstasy.

Lord Chaitanya said, "Wake up, wake up! and see My opulent manifestation to your heart's content." Haridasa awoke becoming externally conscious, crying he looked about searching for the Lord's extraordinary manifestation. He rolled about all over the courtyard sometimes breathing heavily, other times swooning. All the ecstatic symptoms swept over Haridasa's body like a hurricane, and although the Lord tried to steady him Haridasa could not remain still.

Thakura Haridasa said, "O Lord Visvambhara! You are the Lord and Protector of the Universe, now the responsibility of delivering a lowly fallen wretch like me rests on You, My Lord. How can I describe Your transcendental glories as I do not possess any good qualifications, I am sinful, and I am not even within the Vedic society.

Just seeing me makes a person vulnerable to sin, and touching me makes one so contaminated that he must bath immediately; how can I say anything about Your divine pastimes?

There is one fact that You yourself have stated, anyone remembering your lotus feet, be he an insignificant and fallen as an insect, is never forsaken by You. Whereas even a mighty king falls from grace if he disregards Your lotus feet. I am incapable of remembering You although I know you shelter the most impoverished soul if he simply remembers You.

The evil Duryodhana and Suhsasana dragged the righteous Draupadi into the palace court wanting to disrobe her. Confronted with the danger of disgrace she remembered You, Krishna. And because of this You made her sari endlessly long by Your mystic potency. Yet the evil doers could not perceive Your hand in this.

Once the witches surrounded Parvati devi desirous of eating her, and when she remembered You, You immediately appeared and punished the witches and saved Your devotee.

I am so sinful that I cannot remember such a magnanimous Personality as You; O Lord! please therefore give me shelter at Your lotus feet.

The demon Hiranyakasipu inflicted all varieties of treachery and brutal methods trying to kill Prahlad like poisoning, hurling down from the mountain, throwing in boiling cauldron of oil etc. Yet throughout his tribulations Prahlad meditated upon Your lotus feet and was saved from each and every calmity. In this way You humbled many of his enemies and took away all their vitality and strength: finally You appeared in Person due to Prahlad's meditation.

Once the five Pandavas were in grave dilemma fearing the wrath of Durvasa Muni, but by remembering You, You appeared personally and saved them. You calmed Yudhisthira Maharaja with your assuring words, see I am already here, you just sit down and relax and I will take care of Durvasa Muni and his army of disciples."

Only the shred of vegetable left stuck to the side of the pot after the Pandavas had eaten was taken by; Lord Krishna relishing the thought of coming to His devotees aid. The sage with his disciples meanwhile bathing in the river suddenly felt full in the belly like having eaten a sumptuous meal" ashamed and tearful they fled.

The miraculous benefits of remembering Your lotus feet was amply demonstrated by the Pandavas in this incident. The path of true devotion for everyone is to remember You; You perform Your super excellent activities to rescue Your devotees.

The story of Ajamaila is wonderful of how from the most degraded state he remembered the Supreme Lord at the moment of death. He saw the Yama dutas (angels of death) coming to drag his soul away to the nether regions of hell and in fear looking for shelter he saw his son's innocent face and called out his name "Narayana", the holy name of the Supreme Lord, and this immediately reminded him of the Lord. As soon as his mind rested on the Lord all his danger and distress disappeared. Only the elevated devotees of the Lord have easy access to the greatest spiritual treasure, which is the constant remembrance of the Supreme Lord, this is not surprising.

"O Lord! I am such a destitute that I do not even possess the sweetness of Your memory and yet You have not forsaken me. Although I am unfit to see You, You are present before me in person. I am praying to You now for only one benediction."

Lord Chaitanya replied, "Say all that you want to say, there is nothing that I do not want to give you."

Haridasa spoke to the Lord with folded hands, "O Lord, I have known only misfortune yet You give me so much hope. Just allow me to partake of the remnant of foodstuffs of Your devotees totally surrendered to Your lotus feet. Let this activity be my permanent and most prominent service life after life. My sinful birth and existence is miserable, without remembering You, but now please make my life successful by granting me the remnant of Your servitors.

I feel within my heart that I have committed a grave offense by asking of You to situate a elevated status of that of a Vaishnava, although I am grossly unfit. O Lord! my master, Protector and the maintainer of the entire creation, I am spiritually lifeless, therefore kindly forgive my ignorance. O Lord Visvambhara, the beautiful son of Mother Saci, You are my master, so be merciful to me and keep me as a dog in the house of a Vaishnava."

Haridasa Thakura was overwhelmed by feeling of ecstatic devotional emotions and he repeatedly petitioned the Lord, his desire for humility and devotional service unfulfilled.

Lord Chaitanya replied, "Listen My dear Haridasa, you are a highly elevated Vaishnava, if anyone spends a day in your services and association or you kindly speak to someone for a short time, that person certainly achieves Me, there is no doubt about this. Whoever respects and serves you does so to Me also, for I perpetually reside within you.

As my servitor Your position is unique, you have therefore imprisoned Me within your heart eternally. I bless you that since you are crowned already with a faultless character that you will always continue to worship and serve Me and My devotees without a single deviation or offense."

A tumultuous sound of joy from the Vaishnavas greeted Lord Chaitanya's boon to Haridasa Thakura. High birth, caste, fruitive activities or wealth are worthless commodities to achieve love of Godhead only the intense loving desire for Krishna can bring one to the lotus feet of Krishna.

A Vaishnava may take birth in any family, but he always is the most exalted Personality this is the spiritual verdict. The living proof is Haridasa Thakura who was born into a Muslim family, yet what he saw and spiritually perceived is rarely experienced by even eminent personalities like Lord Brahma etc.

Only the most wretched sinner will discriminate a Vaishnavas caste, race or nationality, and for doing so he suffers the pangs of repeated birth in the lower species of life.

One who hears this pastime of the Lord and Haridasa Thakura with proper faith will certainly enjoy the fruit of Lord Krishna prema. These words are not my concoction but the bold declarations of all scriptures. One is sure to experience the bliss of devotional service to Lord Krishna if one hears the transcendental activities of the pure devotees of the Supreme Lord. All glories to Haridasa Thakura, a giant amongst the Vaishnavas, remembering him one is freed from all sinful reactions.

Devotees started talking about Haridasa: someone said, "He is like Lord Brahma", another observed "Prahlad has come again as Haridasa." Haridasa Thakura was in every respect a great and unalloyed devotee, he is an eternal associate of Lord Chaitanya.

Lord Brahma, Lord Siva are always desiring in their hearts the transcendental company of Haridasa Thakura. All the demigods feel this same urge to associate with Haridasa, and Ganga devi wishes to bathe Haridasa in her waters. Such is Haridasa Thakura's exalted position - that just seeing him relieves one from the bondage of material existence; what to speak of associating with him. Great stalwart devotees like Prahlad who was the son of a demon, and Hanuman who was a monkey are considered exalted Vaishnavas, similarly Haridasa Thakura was born in a low caste non Hindu family but is counted amongst the foremost Vaishnava devotees.

Haridasa along with Murari and Sridhara began to weep joyful tears. While Lord Visvambhara smiled pleasantly on them chewing betel. Sitting on the throne the Lord was engulfed in dazzling effulgence and an equally brilliantly shining Lord Nityananda stood holding the umbrella over Lord Chaitanya.

Lord Chaitanya looked towards Advaita Acarya smiling and began to reveal his inner thoughts, "Listen Acarya, do you remember when I once fed you one night? At the time I had not yet advanced and you were endeavoring excessively to bring Me down from My spiritual abode.

You would hold discourses on the Bhagavat Gita and explain everything in terms of devotional service, there was hardly a soul who could grasp these topics. And once when you did not find the meaning of a certain text pertain- ing to devotional service you did not look for discrepancies and faults in the text but gave up enjoyment for acquiring accurate esoteric knowledge. You were very depressed and lay back refusing to eat and I appeared before you.

When you fast, it is the same for me too, whatever you offer me I accept, I cannot stand to see your slightest pain, so I appeared in your dream that night and spoke to you.

"Awake, awake, Acarya and hear the real purport of the Gita text, this is truly its unequivocal meaning. Please get up and eat, give up your fast, for you I will reveal the esoteric meanings, eat to your satisfaction and everything will happen in a dream."

In this way the doubts that had arisen in Acarya's mind while discoursing on the Gita, the Lord reminded Acarya distinctly of the dreams in which He had appeared to him clearing his doubts. He reminded the Acarya distinctly of the dreams in which He had appeared to him clearing his doubts. He reminded the Acarya of the correct number and the precise dates of the dreams and the exact texts He had explained to clear his doubts. Truly Advaita Acarya's devotion is glorious, how can I describe his unlimited potency and his devotion?

Lord Chaitanya replied, "I had explained to you all the texts that were difficult with the exception of one, and that I will explain to you now. The Gita text that reads "Sarvatah panipadauta" meaning The Supreme Beings hands and feet are everywhere is wrongly interpreted due to the rigidness of partisan thinking of certain schools philosophical thoughts. The real purport of this verse is read as "sarvatra panipadauta" meaning - the Supreme Being pervades everything with His Omnipotent presence.

The complete Gita text reads - "Sarvabah pani padamtat sarvata ksi-siro-mukham sarvatah srutimal loke sarvam avritya tisthati" (Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes and face, and He hears everything. In this way the Supersoul exists). I have just revealed to you the very confidential meaning of this text, who else is there other than you who can rightly comprehend this subject matter."

Advaita Acarya is a secret disciple of Lord Chaitanya, and Lord Chaitanya"s explanations are His only shelter.

So when Advaita Acarya heard this explanation which was so dear to him he was overcome with happiness and he began to weep. He addressed the Lord saying, "I am unable to say anything, it is only my great fortune and glory that You are my Lord and master." Advaita Acarya was merged in ecstatic bliss seeing the wonderful potency of the Lord.

One who has no faith in these spiritual explanations and such spiritual exchanges are certainly doomed to perish. Only the rare souls, the pure devotees of the Lord can understand the spiritual dissertations of Advaita Acarya, who was personally taught by Lord Chaitanya.

The instructions of the Vedas are invariably interpreted in various ways, so also Advaita Acarya"s highly esoteric explanations often found different interpretations. Who can grasp the meaning of the Acarya's dissertations that deal with such subtle spiritual matters, undoubtedly His words are as good as the Supreme Lord's own.

The Acarya's words are like the autumn clouds, it rains in certain areas only leaving other places dry; His words are understood by a few fortunate ones, not everyone. Advaita Acarya cannot be blamed for this, for everything depends on the persons ability to understand His words due to his piety and good fortune.

Advaita Acarya's main devotional duty was to serve the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya, this can be testified by all the Vaishnavas. And those who disregard the instructions of other Vaishnava associates of Lord Chaitanya with the excuse that they are followers of Advaita Acarya only cannot gain the Lord's favor. Those who accept Lord Chaitanya as the Lord of all the Lords - the Supreme Lord are true followers of Acarya and the Acarya also recognizes their service.

Devotional service to the Acarya is imperishable, yet it is rendered impotent if one does not accept Lord Chaitanya as the Lord and master of everyone - including Advaita Acarya.

Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Siva but he did not accept the Supremacy of Lord RamaChandra, who is the Lord of even Siva. Lord Siva was displeased with his devotee and did not receive his worship or service, so Ravana's worship was useless, hence he and his entire race was destroyed. Lord Siva does not convey to his devotees his personal feeling about their actions - whether good or bad; whoever is sufficiently intelligent with understanding the desire of Lord Siva in his heart.

In the same way the followers of Advaita Acarya not understanding the desire of their master claim to be His disciples and criticize Lord Chaitanya. Advaita Acarya does not tell them anything due to His specific nature, so because of neglecting the advice of other Vaishnavas and the inner desire of Advaita Acarya, they perish. These condemned persons do not understand that Advaita Acarya's exalted position and His mystic perfection are all due to the mercy of Lord Chaitanya. And if anyone volunteers to instruct them on these matters they become enraged and go to strike their well wisher. Little do they know that. Lord Chaitanya's external potency Mayadevi is exceedingly powerful and She takes efficient care of such wayward and demoniac souls.

Those who do not understand that Lord Chaitanya is the most beautiful Supreme Personally and Advaita Acarya is His servitor and is like the Lord's different jewelry and ornaments that decorate Him. Their positions have clearly defined is the previous verses and in spite of it if people fail to comprehend them they are doomed. A person's elevation and progress in devotional life depends on how much he is serving Lord Chaitanya, there is nothing superior to the Lord's devotional service.

The devotees can advance in his devotional service in proportion to the mercy he receives from Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda by rendering devotional service. In this way devotional mellows constantly increase. Lord Nityananda inspires everyone to chant all the time. He says - "My dear brothers say - `O my Lord GauraChandra'."

Advaita Acarya is totally engrossed in remembering Lord Chaitanya and His pastimes often moved to tears by devotional emotions. After hearing these transcendental narrations if one is unable to develop devotional fervor and love for Lord Chaitanya then contact with such a person should be avoided for it will wither away ones faith and piety.

One who understands that Advaita Acarya is a foremost Vaishnava devotee of Lord Chaitanya and serves Him in that capacity is himself an exalted Vaishnava devotee and he is assured of the shelter of Lord Krishna eternally. Such a Vaishnava is also very dear to Advaita Acarya; others who do not understand this relationship are despicable rejects of human society.

Advaita Acarya is always extremely pleased to hear about His Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu glorified as the Supreme Lord of all. Advaita Acarya Himself glorifies Lord Chaitanya in this manner, there should be no doubt about this. Lord Chaitanya revealed the real purport of the Gita to the Acarya and then hid the portals of devotional life to the non devotees.

Lord Chaitanya suddenly spoke out lifting His arms, "Everyone look at Me, ask any boon you desire". All the assembled devotees bubbled over with happiness hearing the Lord's words and they each asked a boon from the Lord.

Advaita Acarya spoke first saying, "My Lord I only pray that You shower Your grace on this ignorant and fallen soul." Someone else said, "My father opposes my devotional involvement, so grant me this O Lord that his heart may be transformed and he becomes a devotee." In this way they asked for the good blessings of their dear ones, disciples, sons, wives, servants and so on. One of them prayed, "Lord please increase my faith in my guru."

Lord Visvambhara is the benefactor of all His devotees and fulfills all their wishes, smiling sweetly He granted everyone's boon.

Mukunda all this while was behind the curtains outside the room unable to muster sufficient courage to appear before the Lord. Mukunda is loved by all and he also knows everyone intimately. No one could understand why he was being ignored because when he sang the Lord seemed to hear all the time. The Lord did not call him inside, nor did he come; the devotees felt sad about Mukunda.

Srivasa Pandita said to the Lord, "O Lord what offense has Mukunda committed at Your lotus feet? Mukunda is favored by You, and he is dear to all of us, who can prevent his heart from melting hearing Mukunda"s singing? He is devotionally inclined and always careful in all respects, yet without seeing any apparent fault in him You have insulted him my Lord. And if he has committed some mistake then punish him, but why do You disown him and push away Your own servant. O Lord let him see Your Lordship, but he will never come in unless You call him."

The Lord said, "Never speak like that to Me. Do not plead to Me on that wretched persons behalf. The descriptions you heard about pretenders who make a show of humility and next moment they are aggressive is in fact a correct assessment of Mukunda, none of you really know him in truth. Mukunda sometimes is a perfect figure of humility approaching Me holding straw in his teeth, but the next moment he comes to strike Me with an iron rod, I cannot bear to see that pretentious wretch."

Speaking eloquently in Mukunda's favor, Srinivasa said, "Who can understand the inconceivable workings of Your energies? We never noticed anything offensive in Mukunda's character, and the shelter of Your lotus feet is witness to his innocence."

Lord Chaitanya commented, "That spineless wretch will vociferously agree to all philosophical views to suit the company he is in when he reads the "Yoga Vasishtha" with Advaita Acarya he favors the impersonal mayavadi philosophy; in the company of Vaishnavas he pretends to be a Vaishnava singing and dancing with perfect humility. Again when he goes and joins another sampradaya there he rejects devotional service and flays the process of `bhakti' with aggressive criticism."

One who claims that there is some process which is higher than devotional service factually strikes me with an iron rod. He commits a serious offense to the path of devotional service, and so I cannot see his face."

Mukunda heard everything standing outside and heard that he will not be allowed to see Lord Chaitanya. Previously on his guru's request Mukunda did not accept the process of devotional service, and Lord Chaitanya with His inconceivable mystic potency could know all this. So Mukunda a pure devotee of the Lord contemplated, "There is no reason to remain alive any longer, I shall finish off this sinful body of mine. I do not know for how long I can go on."

Mukunda spoke up aloud, "Please hear me Srivasa Thakura, tell me, will I ever see my Lord Chaitanya again?" He broke down and wept bitterly; Mukunda's condition touched the compassionate hearts of the Vaishnavas.

The Lord replied, "Let him go through another ten million births and he then can certainly see Me."

When Mukunda heard this promise from the Lord's own mouth he was overtaken by tremendous joy and stood drenched in tears. Repeating, "I will get, I will get", Mukunda Lord Chaitanya's servitor, danced like a mad man in ecstatic love of God. The Lord's assurance that he will see him made him dance in ecstasy.

When Lord Chaitanya saw Mukunda dancing He laughed and ordered, "Bring him here immediately." The Vaishnava devotees eagerly informed Mukunda to come quickly to the LOrd's presence, but Mukunda did not hear anything, he was completely submerged in ecstasy.

Lord Chaitanya said, "O Mukunda, your offenses are condoned, come, see Me, and receive My blessings." The devotees went and quickly brought Mukunda in front of the Lord. Mukunda fell to the ground seeing the opulent appearance of the Lord.

The Lord spoke, "Get up, get up My dear Mukunda, all your offenses have been exonerated. You lost your wealth of devotion by wrong association, but now again by your loving devotion you have conquered and indebted Me. I said to you that after ten million births you will have your desire to see Me fulfilled, You immediately pushed away all previous doubts and offenses. You had full faith in the infallibility of My words, thus You have bound me eternally in your heart with the bonds of loving devotion."

You are My singer and you shall remain with Me, all this time I was cutting jokes with you because of our intimacy. And if perchance you really commit millions of offenses then I do not consider them to be offenses because you are eternally My dearly beloved associate. Your body is cent percent imbued with loving devotion to Me, I perpetually reside in your tongue as the holy trance."

Mukunda heard Lord Chaitanya's reassuring words, they moved him to tears and he felt apathy towards himself, condemning himself he said, "I am so degraded. I know nothing about devotional service, how can a faithless fool like me experience the bliss of devotion just by seeing You?"

Duryodhana could see easily your Universal form, whereas scholars study through all the scriptures in order to just perceive that same form. Yet, Duryodhana and his entire family was stamped out, under going extemating pains, because he lacked the slightest devotion. Therefore without possessing the proper devotional attitude now can I experience bliss even if I see You my Lord?

When You went to rescue Rukumini devi on her request, from the protection of many powerful kings who saw You approach mounted on Your bird carrier Garuda, they saw Your noble kingly bearing and an effulgent form. Your devotees like Lord Brahma desire in meditation to see this effulgent form as You appeared in the Vidarbha kingdom. As You were kidnaping Rukumini devi the kings saw You, put up a fight with You and were all slain, all because they had no devotion for You.

When you appeared from the waters of the casual ocean in the form of a bear and picked up the earth from the waters between Your tusks, the demon Hiranyaksa saw this extraordinary brilliant form. The Demigods are praying to You to see this wonderful form. But Hiranyaksa was killed by You because he was a demon and no love and devotion to You.

His brother saw Your terrible and mighty form of half man and half lion that is rarely seen by anyone, whose breast is the resting place of mother Laksmi, Your eternal consort. This wonderful form of Naransiuha unparalleled in the entire creation was seen by Hiranyakasipu, but his life was squashed with ease by You because he was a gross materialist, a non devotee.

O Lord I have no devotional feelings, yet strangely I am still alive, my head does not roll down due to grievous sins.

Kubja, the hunch back maid servant, of Mathura, wives of the sacrificial brahmin priests of Vrndavana. The noble ladies of the palace in Mathura, the garland maker Sudama, when did they see You before they saw You for the first time? Yet all of them were elevated to the blissful state of loving devotional service to You. And Kamsa the king of Mathura, at the same time saw You but was killed. I do not posses any devotion to You my Lord, but yet You keep me.

Lord Ananta Sesha, that extremely powerful personality holds this immense cosmic creation with great pleasure only because of his devotion to You. The Universe sits on just one of His many hundreds of hoods like an insignificant drop of water, while he is submerged in the ecstatic pastime of glorifying You. Although He Himself is without support or foundation He is the support and sustainer of everyone. He can perform such extraordinary feats simply due to the potency of devotional service to You. Yet I am so fallen and impious that I cannot appreciate even such wonderful devotional fervor, I am destined for eternal degradation.

Lord Siva, Sankara became the husband of Gauri, Durga (mahamaya) by dint of his devotional service, Narada Muni rose to the platform of an eternal associate of the Lord also through loving devotion. Vyasdeva complied the entire Vedic literature yet he was feeling dissatisfied deep in his heart. You had revealed to him in precise form the essence of the highest spiritual knowledge which is the science of devotion but he was unable to grasp the full import slight impunities of the mind. Then You spoke to him again through Narada Muni the same science of devotional service and in this way he felt resuscitated, with happiness and went on to make perfect this human birth.

I am worse than an insect yet I am not moved by such devotion, O Lord, how can I ask to see You?" Mukunda began to weep raising his arms up in the air, his body trembled and he released heavy sighs in ecstatic devotional emotions. Mukunda is a pure devotee, with a simple and spontaneous love of the Lord, how can I describe sufficiently the extent of his glories. He is counted amongst the most intimate eternal associates of the Lord.

Lord Visvambhara was moved by His devotees suffering and feelings. He said, "Mukunda's devotional service is very dear to Me, wherever and whenever you sing I will be present there. And all you have said is absolutely true, one cannot perceive Me as I am even if one see Me, one can see My true self only through the eyes of loving devotion."

"Truly I say to you for you are very dear to Me that the instructions I have given in the Vedic literature about the different rites and duties of everyone and their concomitant results cannot be changed by anyone. I alone can do as I please and supersede these rites and results, because I have the full authority to do so.

I have made you speak the truth about devotional service, nothing is of any value if it is not My devotional service. It pains Me grievously if someone is against My devotional service, and due to My suffering such an atheist is deprived of all happiness even if he sees Me.

Demon King Kamsa's washer man also saw Me, I asked him for help but he refused, this was very unfortunate for him because he was deprived of the opportunity to render devotional service. He had no attraction for Me. He had performed very severe austerity and penances for many many life times just to see Me; this piety gave him the fortune to see Me. Yet he could not experience the exhilaration of seeing Me due to lack of devotion.

I do not show any mercy to non devotees and even if they see Me they are deprived of the transcendental result, eternal happiness. One's devotion is drained if one is offensive to the authorized process of devotional service. Due to the absence of devotion seeing Me is fruitless. Whatever you have said are actually just the things I wanted to say: in fact why should any other topic grace your mouth?

I shall propagate the process of devotional service everywhere this I have said to you; I will do this through your voice, through your songs. All the Vaishnavas' hearts will melt with ecstatic joy hearing your songs. Just as you are very dear to Me so will you also be amongst all My devotees, the Vaishnavas. And wherever I descend in any incarnation you will be also present as My singer."

As the Lord showered blessings and boons on Mukunda the Vaishnava assembly resounded with great jubilation. Devotees clasped their hands and sang out, "glory to Lord Jagannatha, glorify the Lord" and so on. Whoever hears these narrations about Mukunda receiving the Lord's special mercy is favored by the Lord to become an associate of Mukunda as a singer.

All the topics on the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are highly confidential subjects undisclosed in the Vedas, only the intelligent class of men can appreciate these topics and not the foolish. Those who relish these pastimes will certainly be able to see Lord Chaitanya face to face.

So it continued, each Vaishnava as he desired had his wish fulfilled by the Lord. Srivasa Pandita is a very great and exalted personality and so all these pastimes took place in his own house.

The Lord appeared to each devotee individually as different incarnations according to the devotees attachment to a particular incarnation of the Lord. All these manifestations were extraordinary and super excellent, Lord Chaitanya performed His pastimes in this manner. Everyday the Lord revealed His super mundane pastimes and all the assembled Vaishnavas along with their wives saw these extra ordinary happenings.

One who surrenders his body and mind and becomes the Lord's servitor can perceive these transcendental activities. In Nabadwip there is no dearth of men in the renounced order of sannyasa mental spectators, men who are either performing severe penances studying the scriptures or performing yogic practices. Most of them are studying the Gita and Bhagavat since long, and some of them are even giving lessons to others on these scriptures, yet not one of them are willing to give up their own ways and practices and religious views. Some undertake strict vows to remain celebrate throughout life, never to accept service from others and in this way lead a life of extreme hardship.

The intelligence of this was covered over by false ego to such an extent that none of them could perceive the descent of Vaikuntha to Srivasa Pandita's residence and the spiritual bliss emanating from these. That which was seen and experienced by the servants and maid servants in Srivasa Pandita's house is unknown to even scholars well versed in all the scriptures. The wonderful boon Murari Gupta's servant received went unnoticed by those who shaved their heads to exhibit renunciation.

Lord Chaitanya can be captivated by devotion alone, and not with wealth, high birth, erudition or any such mundane means. One may be crowned with wonderful accomplishments yet he is unable to attract mercy of Lord Chaitanya, for the Lord submits to unalloyed devotion, as is clearly declared in the Vedas. So in Nabadwip, all the great scholars and pundits were unaware of these extraordinary happenings.

Those who are sinful are like a lake without water where beauty is absent, how can the living beings otherwise be deprived of the spiritual bliss of experiencing these pastimes? These supramundane pastimes of the Lord are continuously existing, never ever ending; the Vedas describe them as sometimes manifest and at other times unmanifest.

Lord Chaitanya's pastimes are being performed even now. Whoever is blessed by the Lord to see can see, others cannot see.

The Lord appeared to His different devotees in the particular incarnation the devotees worshiped Him. He personally taught them about His Supreme Absolute position and that He is the source of everything and everyone. This knowledge was then later transmitted to posterity.

The Lord said, "In every birth you have received my association, your servants and disciples will thus also see My pastimes through you." The Lord then distributed the garlands that graced His breast, and all were blessed to received the chewed remnant of the Lord's betel. The devotees were caught up in the wave of ecstatic joy as they munched on the radiant moon like Lord's remnant.

The remnant of the Lord's food went to the pious and fortunate Narayani. The gave this innocent little niece of Srivasa Pandita (his brother's daughter) His remnant. She ate the Lord's remnant with joy and relish and the Vaishnavas blessed her saying that she was most fortunate since she could serve the Supreme Lord Narayani directly at such a young age.

After Narayani had eaten, Lord Chaitanya said, "Narayani, let Me hear you cry for Krishna in great ecstasy." Such is the influence of Lord Chaitanya's words that she immediately called out "Krishna, Krishna" and began to weep. Thus the pastime came to be known to all the Vaishnavas for all times and she became famous as "Narayani, who ate Lord Chaitanya"s remnant."

As the devotees were beckoned by the Lord they hastened to His presence. All these pastimes of Lord Chaitanya that are being narrated ate transcendental if one does not have faith in them then his future is dark.

Lord Chaitanya is very close and dear to Advaita Acarya this relationship makes Advaita Acarya glorious. And Lord Nityananda is very close and dear to Lord Chaitanya, these glories of Lord Nityananda are sung in all the Vedic literatures.

If one does not recognize his identity as a devotee of Lord Chaitanya, and he may be respected by the whole world, he is worth no more than a straw to the learned Vaishnava assembly.

Lord Nityananda introduce Himself saying, "I am Lord Chaitanya's servant", He is always in this mood of a servitor. And only by His mercy one develops love for Lord Chaitanya. All detriments in spiritual life are overcome by worshiping Lord Nityananda.

The greatest hope I always cherish in my heart is that Lord Chaitanya is the Lord of my Lord. O Lord Chaitanya kindly offer me the shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda, who as Lord Ananta Sesha is holding this universe. I am able to sing the glorious life and pastimes of Lord Chaitanya out of my love and attachment for Lord Balarama. My Lord Balarama is always desiring the best for the world.

Lord Nityananda knows no other designation other than being Lord Chaitanya's servant and only through serving Lord Nityananda is one eligible to become a devotee of Lord Chaitanya. As by Lord Nityananda's grace I can know Lord Chaitanya in truth, similarly to fully comprehend the truth about devotional service one must receive the blessing of Lord Nityananda.

Lord Nityananda is very dear to all the Vaishnava devotees, everyone can receive from Lord Nityananda entry into the path of devotional service. Somehow, if by chance someone disregards Lord Nityananda then Lord Chaitanya Himself condemns him to eternal suffering. The full glory of Lord Nityananda is very rarely known, even the great yogi and exalted Vaishnava Lord Siva does not know His unlimited potencies.

One who is not offensive and critical of others, who chants Krishna's holy name always will soon be able to captivate with his love the uncontrollable and invisible Lord Chaitanya. The scriptures instruct that spiritual goals are unattractive through criticism of others, the religion expounded by Bhagavat is to respect everyone.

These narrations of the Madhya Khanda are like nectar, but to an atheist they taste bitter. If one has a bitter taste eating sweets then his is truly unfortunate and sick and that does not really change the taste of sweets to one of bitterness. Similarly if one cannot relish the nectarine pastimes of Lord Chaitanya then that is his great misfortune.

A person, even though in the renounced order of sannyasa, will enter into countless cycle of births of total ignorance if he is offensive to Lord Chaitanya. Whereas a bird, if even without proper spiritual knowledge, sings the name of Lord Chaitanya, will enter the Lord's eternal abode.

All glory to Lord Gaura Chandra, life of Lord Nityananda, kindly make Your beloved Lord Nityananda my life and soul. I offer my obeisances at the lotus feet of all Your associates with whom You performed so many pleasurable pastimes.

Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul. I Vrndavana dasa offer this song to their lotus feet.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

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