Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Madhya Lila Chapter Thirteen

All glory to Lord Chaitanya who is an ocean of all transcendental excellences. All glory to Him who is also known as Visvambhar, who is the law giver of the entire material creation. You are very dear to Lord Nityananda and the crest jewel of the brahminical race. All glory to Your dearmost devotees.

Lord Visvambhar continued His transcendental activities in Nabadwip but not all could see them. As Lord Visvambhar the Supreme hero descended from Vaikuntha, went about revealing His pastimes, the sublime joy of the devotees also increased. His dearmost associate and brother Lord Nityananda accompanied Him everywhere and relished the transcendental mellows with Him and His devotees. The Lord was always intoxicated drinking the nectar of His own transcendental name. Every night He was submerged in the congregational chanting of the Lord's name with only His devotees; the nondevotees were disallowed in these kirtans. No one could fathom the Lord's potencies or activities. The envious persons, not being allowed to these kirtans, went around spreading bad rumours. Someone said, "who can be a real Vaishnava in Kaliyuga? All those people are doing this simply for their food." Someone else said, "if we could tie their hands and feet and throw them into the pond then we might enjoy quiet and peace." Yet another said, "know one thing for certain friends! this Nimai Pandit will ruin this village."

These miscreants tried various means to enter the kirtan hall while the kirtan was in progress. They even reverted to threatening the devotees, but because their hearts were dried up of any piety they could not influence the devotees and so could not participate in the kirtans. Lord Chaitanya performed these nocturnal kirtans, and purified the entire material existence. Many towns folk desired very much to see these kirtans but lamented bitterly: ascribing the reason for not being able to see the kirtans to their great misfortune. Some of them would approach one of the devotees and pray to them to first deliver them from their sins and then secretly smuggle them inside the kirtan hall. But the devotees know that the Lord is the Omniscient Supersoul, He would immediately detect an unauthorised persons presence, so out of fear of inviting the Lord's wrath, the devotees refused to take anyone inside.

Once a brahmacari, a celibate student who was very peaceful, honest and faultless, practicing penances and living only on milk and fruits, not eating anything else, wanted to see the kirtans of the Lord. But the Lord personally shut the doors so that nondevotees may not enter. So this brahmacari would visit Srivas Pandit everyday and repeatedly request him to allow him inside the kirtan. He would say, "if you kindly take me inside your house during the kirtan then I can feast my eyes to the Pandits chanting and dancing, I will be ever grateful to you for this." Finally one day Srivas Pandit replied, "I know you to be a good person, who spent a sinless life eating only fruits and milk, maintaining strict celibacy; I think you are eligible to see the Lord's kirtan and dancing. But you have to remain hidden inside the house since the Lord's orders are that no one is allowed inside." He brought the brahmacari inside, who then carefully concealed himself.

The kirtan started and the Lord of the fourteen worlds, Visvambhar began to dance. Lord Nityananda and Gadadhara Pandit danced around the Lord. While Advaita went dancing hither and thither floating on waves of joy. Everyone was drowned in an ocean of ecstacy becoming oblivious of the external world as the Lord of Vaikuntha was lost in Himself, dancing to His devotees singing. The only sound that was heard were the Lord's names. And the Lord exhibited all the ecstatic symptoms in unlimited waves.

The omniscient Supreme Lord Visvambhar was fully aware of the brahmacari's presence. Though he was in concealment. After a short while the Lord commented, "Today I do not feel the usual ecstacy while dancing can any of you explain this; maybe someone is hiding inside the house, please tell me the truth." Srivas Pandit became very afraid, he said, "My Lord, I assure you there is no atheists or nonbeliever in this house, only a brahmacari, a fully qualified brahman who is sinless and drinks only milk and eats only fruits. He had a strong desire to see You dancing. You were very right my Lord, he is here now in hiding?" This information enraged the Lord, and said, "right now, this very moment take him out of this house. What spiritual sadhana does he posess to enable him to see My dancing. How can he develop devotion to Me by drinking milk." The Lord dramatically raised His arms and pointing His finger to make a point, He continued, "Just by drinking milk no one can attain Me. Even a low caste dog-eater can claim Me if he takes full shelter of Me, then I also accept him. A person maybe a renunciate, a sannyasi without worldly attachments, but if he does not surrender to Me then I do not favor him. Tell me, how did Gajendra the elephant, or Hanuman the monkey or the gopis, the simple milkmaids of Vraja attain Me; what great austerities did they perform. Even the demons perform severe penances and austerities, but they are slain because they do not surrender to Me. I will not have any milk drinker here polluting everything, I will destroy everything."

The brahmacari was by now trembling with fear. He came out of his concealment thinking, "it has been my great fortune to be able to see what I have seen, and I have also received the commensarate punishment for my misdeed. But what a wonderful dancing and singing I saw!" A devotee thinks and feels this way, he being the Lord's servitor is always willing to accept all chastisement from the Lord. The brahmacari started to walk out of the house with these thoughts in his mind, which of course were already known to the Lord. The most merciful Lord then had the brahmacari brought back to the house. He placed His lotus feet on his head and blessed him, the blessed Lord said, "do not try to gain strength by performing austerities and penances. Render loving devotional service to the Supreme Lord Visnu, Krishna for it is the highest of all other activities."

The brahmacari began to weep in joy thinking constantly about the Lord's causeless mercy upon him. The devotees became jubilant and offered their obesiances to the Lord. The Lord then continued to dance ecstatically. One who hears this wonderful narration will certainly unite with Lord Chaitanya in devotional service. I offer my prostrated obesiances at the feet of the brahmacari who displayed such wonderful devotional understanding in accepting the Lord's chastisement.

Time passed and the Lord continued His nocturnal kirtan sessions with His intimate devotees, barring everyone else to enter the premises. The pious population of Nabadwip felt pained at being disallowed during these kirtan pastimes of the Lord and they blamed the atheists and miscreants for this. They complained, "we cannot see this wonderful kirtan which is like a grand celebration each evening because of these fault finding nondevotees. They only know one activity and that is to criticize others and so they are being deprived of seeing such an extraordinary kirtan pastime of the Lord. And Nimai Pandit has thus shut the doors to keep out these mischief mongers but unfortunately even the good people are kept from coming.

Everyone knows that Nimai Pandita is a very exalted devotee of Krishna, His heart is pure and faultless. And if we have full faith and devotion in Him then we will indeed see His kirtan and dancing. One of the pious souls commented, "let us just go sit there and then we can feast our eyes with Nimai's dancing. Nimai Pandit has appeared in Nabadwip to deliver the entire universe. I tell you that He will propagate the congregational chanting of the holy name of God in every house and in every town. In this way all the pious folks increased their good fortune and the impious ones multiplied their sufferings by criticising the Lord.

With the approach of dawn all these devotees went to meet Nimai Pandit. Everyone brought some gifts for the Lord like, new articles, bananas, fruits, yogurt, clarified butter, flower garlands etc. As soon as they saw the Lord they fell to the ground and prostrated obeisances. The Lord blessed them saying, "may you be blessed by developing love for Krishna, do not waste time with gossip just chant Krishna's holy name."

The Lord then instructed them on the Holy name, "now listen from Me the maha-mantra, 'Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare'. Go and repeatedly chant this mantra a prescribed number of times. One can achieve all perfections from this chanting so go on repeating these names, for this chanting is not restricted by any rules. You can sit around together five or ten of You in your house and chant or sing this mantra accompanied by the clapping of hands or cymbals. When you are singing together then sing this, "Haraye namah Krishna. Yadavaya namah. Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudana. This congregational chanting should be joined by one and all, father, brother, wife, son all together.

Now that the devotees had directly received the mantra and the instructions to chant from the Lord they went back to their homes happily after offering their obesiances to the Lord. They followed strictly the Lord's instructions and all the time chanted Krishna's name, meditating on the Lord's lotus feet. And at the end of the day they assembled in their houses and loudly sang the holy names, gaily clapping their hands and cymbals in rhythm. In this manner Lord Chaitanya began inspiring everyone to take up the congregational chanting of the holy name; He went about embracing the devotees encouraging their devotional zeal, placing His own garlands around them. In a most humble manner He went about requesting all, "My dear brothers please serve Krishna."

Seeing the Lord in this mood, and emblem of humility the devotees become surcharged with spiritual sentiments and they began to weep and intensify their chanting. The whole town now became involved in congregational chanting. the devotees brought out their drums, conchshells and cymbals that they generally used to celebrate the worship of goddess Durga during a big festival, and began to play accompanying the kirtan with joyous sounds. The whole town was enveloped by the transcendental sound of the Lord's name.

Sridhar, the leaf-plate seller, happened to be walking down that way loudly singing Krishna's name. When he heard that loud kirtan he began to dance in ecstacy. When the other devotees saw this dear devotee of Lord Chaitanya dancing they came and surrounded him and began to sing. Sridhara was overwhelmed with spiritual emotions and he fell to the ground rolling on the floor and kept chanting Krishna's name. When the nondevotees saw this they started ridiculing him and laughing at him. they said, "Just see him! that fellow also has become a Vaishnava. he can't afford clothes nor does he have money to eat suddenly he is exhibiting all these ecstatic symptoms, this is all for show. they all live by begging but now they have started an untimely festival. The atheists continued to hurl such insulting remarks at the devotees but the pious devotees went on chanting Krishna's name undeterred.

One day the Muslim magistrate, the Kazi was passing that way. He heard the tumult of singing, of the Lord's name accompanied by drums, cymbals and conchshell. He tried to remember the instruction in his own scripture about practice of other religions. The Kazi cried out, "catch all of them, let us see what your teacher Nimai Pandit does to stop me." All the devotees fled in fear of Muslim fanatics. The Kazi's men went about breaking the drums and beating up the devotees, spreading terror. He said, "it seems that there is sudden out burst of Hindu religious activities nowadays in Nadia, I will punish the culprits severely. Since it is already late and getting dark I am letting you off but if I see this again I will convert all of you to Islam." The evil Kazi would send his men everyday patrolling the town looking for any kirtan. The devotees became despondent and they went into hiding fearing violent retaliation from the Kazi and his men.

The envious atheists were siding with the Kazi. They commented, "God's name should be chanted in the mind. Which scripture enjoins one to make a hue and cry in chanting God's name. This is a correct punishment they have received for transgressing the Vedic injunctions. They have no fear of flouting the social norms. That NImai Pandit who acts so proud will now be cowered by the Kazi. And that Nityananda who roams about everywhere will soon see the end of all the fun. They call us atheists for speaking out the truth, at long last Nadia will be rid of these charlatans."

The devotees did not protest against the Kazi ban out of fear. They went to the Lord and reported to Him, "we have stopped our kirtan out of fear for the Kazi, whose men in hundreds search the streets and houses. We will have to leave Nabadwip and settle elsewhere, we have come to tell You this." When Lord Chaitanya heard that someone was trying to stop the sankirtan movement He became infuriated, He looked awesome, almost like Lord Siva at the time of the cosmic annihilation. He roared loudly like the rumbling of thunder and the devotees afraid of this sudden change in the Lord held their ears as if begging forgiveness from the Lord for a mistake they had not committed. The Lord said, "Nityananda, be prepared, go immediately to all the Vaishnavas, and assemble then on the streets. I shall bring out a kirtan party and take it all over Nabadwip. I will see what anyone can do to Me. You will see how I burn the Kazi's house down. Today I shall shower incessant rains of love of Godhead on everyone. Today the atheist's will face the final hour. So do not waste a moment My brothers go and deliver this message to everyone. Tell them that if they are desirous of seeing Krishna's mystic potency in action then let them bring a flaming torch with them. I will smash the Kazi's palace and I will do kirtan all along. The entire creation is full of My devotees and when I am present there then what is there to fear! Go and put a stop to your anguish come and assemble in the afternoon after lunch."

The devotees dispersed right away, each going his way in great anticipation not caring about eating or anything. Excited talks filled every home that, "Nimai Pandit will take out a sankirtan and dance in the streets of Nabadwip." For the many thousands who were lamenting for so long that they could not see Nimai Pandit's dancing this news was cause of great rejoicing. So everyone prepared their own torch. Even if the father had made a torch the son made his own. They competed with each other to make the biggest torch. Huge barrels of oil were kept in readiness. Nabadwip in those days was very thickly populated. The constant flow of people with torches poured out of the houses onto the streets. Who could count the millions of torches. The women, children, and old men were excited with great anticipation. Slowly the clusters of devotees moved towards Nimai Pandit's house.

When Lord Chaitanya heard that all the Vaishnavas had assembled at His behest and were at His door steps. He went to meet them and began to organise them in groups. Advaita Acarya was to head up a group and was the chief dancer and he would be supported by a kirtan group. In another group Haridas was the dancer and he also was backed by a kirtan group. Yet another group was to be led by the main dancer Srivas Pandit. The Lord's eyes fell on Nityananda and immediately He said, "I will not leave Your side My Lord. My only duty is to always be near You. I can never leave Your lotus feet inbedded in My heart. What power do I possess to dance independantly away from You. My devotional service to You is I am always with You." When Lord Chaitanya saw the streams of ecstacy flowing from Nityananda's eyes He embraced Him and kept Him near Him. In this each had his desire fulfilled. Some went off with his group others stayed close to the Lord dancing and singing.

Now please listen attentively to the description of this "nagar- kirtan" for this will cut asunder the bonds of karmic reactions. Here is the list of some of the main devotees who came. Gadadhara Pandit, Vakresvara, Murari, Srivas Pandit, Gopinath, Jagadisa, Vipra Gangadas, Ramai, Govindanandana, Chandrasekhara, Vasudeva, Srigarbha, Mukunda, Sridhara, Govinda, Jagadananda, Nandan Acarya, Suklambara. the devotees of Lord Chaitanya are innumerable and I do not know all their names; Vedavyas will reveal all their names in the future in the Puranas. It is not humanly possible to describe how the Lord danced along with all His associates of different categories.

The sankirtan pastimes of the Lord is unique, never was such pastimes ever revealed before in any other incarnation. As the kirtan picked up gusto the Lord's joy also increased. The devotees were carried in waves of sublime joy. The Lord and husband of the goddess of fortune was dancing on Nabadwip streets and anyone who saw Him bacame free from all sorrows. Soon it was dusk but the devotees were totally engrossed in the kirtan oblivious of the material realm. Millions of men, women, and children lined the streets standing in doorways seeing the moving mass of men and their tumultous singing of the Lord's holy name echoed and filled the cosmos. And above this tumult rang out loud and clear the Lords own thunderous voice. The devotees replied with equal gusto chanting Lord Hari's name. Then as if by previous arrangement all the torches were lit at the same time like magic. Millions of flaming torches lit up the darkened sky mathced by the millions of hearts kindled by the magic of sublime bliss. Words fail to describe the marvellous sight. One could be easily confused whether it was a full moon night or broad daylight or had Krishna Himself descended in the form of His Brahmajyoti.

The Lord again called out loud the name of Lord Hari and the devotees became attentive. They surrounded the Lord with the kirtan. All the devotees were decorated with flower garlands around their neck and their bodies were smeared with sandalwood paste and scented vermillion powder. Each one had some musical instrument or the other in their hands, looking more powerful than thousands of lions. The Lord loooked around Him to see HIs devoted, servitors eagerly waiting to render Him any service. He began to dance lifting the devotees in soaring heights of ecstacy. Everyone began chanting loudly and whoever saw the Lord's moonlike beautiful face were released from searing pain of material existence.

The Lord's charming looks overshadowed the attractiveness of millions of cupids put together. I am at a loss to find the appropriate similies to describe the Lord's beauty yet I venture to do so only by His mercy alone otherwise who can dare to attempt such an impossible task. He glowed like a mountain of gold, His body being smeared with sandal paste sometimes looked like the rising full moon. His curly dark tresses were decorated with the fragrant Malati garlands; a sweet smile clung intimately to His lips that can win the hearts of all the muses. the clear markings of sandalwood tilak with a red dot of Vermillion adorned His beautiful broad forehead. He raised His arms up in the sky chanting the name of Hari and danced; the knee long flower garland around His neck swayed with each movement. His upraised arms glistened like fine tapering pillars of gold, His body became drenched with the incessant flow of ecstatic tears from His lotus petal eyes. As the ecstatic feelings increased the hairs of His body stood on end like the ever fresh Kadamba flower. The moist reddish lips so exquisite and when parted revealed a symetrical set of pearl like white teeth; the long arched eyebrows lanquished almost all the way up to the beginning of His ears. His strong shoulders shamed the king of elephants and His chest was broad anad full. The brahman thread hung loosely across His chest. Laksmi devi and Tulasi devi are constantly praying for the shelter of His lotus feet. That Supreme Lord wears His fine and clean clothes very artistically. the uptilled nose is aristocratic and the sinewy tendons of His neck gives the impression of being the neck of the king of the forest, stong and powerful, He towers over the others, His long body well formed and proportionate whining like a mountain of Mother gold. Everyone looking at Him commented on His divine and beautiful presence. The millions who milled around for this momentous occasion were very fortunate inspite of their large number they all received the Lord's benedictions by being able to see the Lord's exquisite transcendetnal face. They simply stared at Him irresistably drawn to His beauty and exclaimed out loud the Lord's name each time uncontrollable emotions welled within their hearts.

The citizens had nicely decorated their doorways with banana trees, water pots, mango leaves, and green cocunuts. The ghee lamp flickered in every house and an offering plate sat on the altars with yogurt, grains, and Dhruva grass. All this happened as if at the command of some unseen voice. Out on the street men, women children joined the congregation all intoxicated with sublime joy: oblivious to every other care. Seeing the carefree citizens leaving their house unguarded a thief thought to himself, "this is good opportunity for me to clean out the people's belongings." But as time passed and the chanting entering his ears took affect, the thief got rid of his stealing tendencies and also joined in with the others joyously chanting Lord Hari's sweet transcendental name.

The streets were strewn with puffed rice and coins thrown by the citizens as they watched the chanting procession passing by and then later they themselves joined up with the procession and so the marchers swelled in numbers. One should not consider these descriptions as exaggerations. Such happenings are common place when the Supreme Lord is present. When Lord Krishna was in Dvaraka, it is described in the Srimad Bhagavatm, that He made appear in a twinkling of an eye nine hundred thousand palaces all bedecked with jewels and marble. Again in the Harivamsa it is described that when Lord Krishna was having water sports with the Yadus in the salt water ocean that surrounds Dvaraka the entire ocean in a moment turned nectarean sweet. And now that very same Supreme Lord is almost unconscious with sublime bliss dancing and chanting so naturally all auspicious happenings are occuring.

The ocean of people now surged forward in slow fluid motion like the Ganga's current that flowed besides them. They all danced and chanted surroundin the dancing golden form of the Lord. Advaita Acarya, Haridas Thakura, Srivas Pandita and other senior associates of the Lord led huge groups of dancing and chanting devotees, everyone exulting in the bliss of the Lord's presence. Those who could not sing were now singing with sweet melodious voices. The Lord was surrounded by the best singers like Murari, Mukanda Datta, Ramai, Govinda, Vakreswar, Vasudeva and others. Lord Nityananda and Gadadhara Pandit danced on either side to the Lord submergedin divine bliss. And always the dancing and prancing form of the Lord brought wonderment and exhilaration in the hearts of all those who beheld His golden form.

This was a magnificent sight; the dancers moved forward in rhythmic motions and the millions of burning torches were also in motion, their licking flames animated in a passionate dance. It was night, but the dancing figure of the Lord was clearly visible as if bathed in autumn full moonlight. Sometimes His body was covered with shining dust particles and at other times He bathed His transcendental form in the cascading tears of ecstacy. The different ecstatic symptoms appeared in His body, sometimes shivering, sometimes profuse perspiration, again at times horripilation, changing like the seasons. The sound of the Lord's name reververated throughtout the universe, "Hari Haraya nama Krishna Yadavaya namah, Gopal Govinda Ram Sri Madhusudana", "Hari Rama, Rama Hari". Some devotees danced on their own but there were many large groups of devotees dancing together keeping time with clapping hands. Another wonderful sight was that those devotees carrying torches and oil containers together. Nabadwip was ringing with sounds of sublime jubilation, as if the Lord's spiritual abode Vaikuntha, had descended, and residents of Nabadwip acquired the same characteristics as the residents of Vaikuntha. They All manifested four-arms but because they were so engrossed in the ecstacy of chanting and dancing that they did not even notice this divine transformation on their person, the ever increasing bliss of Vaikuntha was now here. as they passed by the bank of The Ganga, Lord Chaitanya dancing in the midst looked like Krishna, the son of Nanda Maharaj; a flute in His hand and the garland of wild flowers around His neck swayed.

The devotees had never experienced the ecstacy of such a massive congregaional chanting. They forgot their bodily identity, their tribulation; they sang and danced and rolled on the ground. Many persons became emboldened and made their views heard to the public. One said, "where did the rascal Kazi go now,if I just find him I will sever his head." Others shouted out aloud the names of certain atheistic persons and beat the ground, as if sealing their fate with a stroke, some of them even ran helter skelter trying to locate them. there was no accounting the number of people singing, or how many were playing on the Mrdanga drums. Nabadwip was flooded with the nectarean showers of love of Godhead, so much so that even the eternal residents of Vaikuntha were hankering for this bliss. Even Lord Ananta, Lord Siva and Lord Brahma experience this kind of joy. Sublime bliss had descended over the entire planet as the Lord danced with His associates and devotees, and there was no place for anything inauspicious or impure. This was the Lord's first major nagar sankirtan.

The procession moved on but no one knew where they were going. There was just one resounding thunder of the Lord's name piercing the coverings of the material world that was all pervading. The demigods accompanied by their associates came to see the Lord. When they saw Him they alike the humans also became overwhelmed with transcendental joy. They mingled in with the crowd dressed as humans to avoid detection and joined in with gusto singing and dancing. All the demigods were present, Brahma, Siva, Varuna, Kuvera, Indra, Yamaraj, Soma the moongod, etc. They became aware that everyone present there was experiencing transcendental ecstacy so they went along with the devotees wanting more of the Lord's association. Thus the humans and the demigods were chanting the Lord's holy name together.

As the procession passed the uncountable houses all nicely decorated, the market places, the large squares one could understand that Nabadwip was a very well populated and an oppulent town. It was impossible to count the people that lived there. It seemed that because the Supreme Lord was to advent here that He had arranged for many people to live here and participate in His sankirtan movement. Just the number of ladies who were chanting were so numerous that counting them would be futile.

Everyone who saw the Lord dancing and chanting like a golden flash could not contain their hearts and emotions. Even those with hearts of stone were moved to tears falling to the ground seeing how the Lord showered His causeless mercy and hearing the sighs and sobs of sublime ecstacy of the devotees. As the Lord danced repeating over and over again Lord Hari's name the garland of flower swayed wildly. His beauty was breath taking, the way the brahman thread hung carelessly over His shoulders, the dhoti nicely pleated and tucked in place neatly, His golden frame covered with fine glimmering dust. Tears flowed unrestrained from His lotus eyes like the languid flow of the Mandakini Ganga of his heavenly planets. Who would have liked to see the moon after having seen the blooming lotus face of the Lord. As some of the tear drops clung to the cleft of His fine nose they shone like a string of white pearls. His glossy black locks entined with the garlands around His head made a fine sight. The devotees prayed, "O Lord please grant us this one desire that we may hold within our hearts this pastime birth after birth." The devotees were asking in this manner for benedictions from the Lord as the Lord continued His extraordinary dancing pastime, surrounded by His intimate associates. The Lord knew how to inspire devotees to come and join and He danced always reciprocating the mood and movement of the devotees. the Lord of Vaikuntha danced as the devotees sang, "come and sing 'Hari, Hari' all of you, fear not for the Holy name even though not chanted purely will deliver you from death."

The author humbly describes in poetry the description of Lord Chaitanya as He danced. Lord Visvambhar the Lord of the Universe danced along the bank of the Ganga. The devotees eagerly covered themselves with the earth having the impressions of HIs lotus feet. Wonderful ecstatic symptoms manifested on HIs person and tears like nectarcascaded from His eyes; with a voice like the rumble of thunder He chanted Lord Hari's name. Smiling sweetly He raised His arms and sang. His golden form was much more enchanting then Cupid. Charmingly dressed His black curly hair was decorated with fresh and fragrant flower garlands; such beauty sent the mind reeling as if when a person is afflicted by the five amorous arrows of Cupid. In complete bliss Visvambhar moved about in a restless dance, He was intoxicated with the holy name. His body and limbs were perfectly shaped adn beautiful being nicely smeared with sandal paste. The garland around HIs neck matched His love agitated movements. The arch of His eyebrows were like Cupid's bow shooting arrows of enchantment. HIs teeth were whit and glistening like pearls, His benign face was an ocean of mercy. How can I describe the many hundreds of ecstatic emotions that manifested in Him, sometimes tears, or shivering, or perspiration etc. At times He bent His body inthree places just like Krishna and played flute on His finger. He moved about like a maddened elephant, He was the cynosure of every eye. His brahman thread decorated His broad chest as if Ananta Sesha had taken that thin form to serve HIs Lord. Lord Nityananda adnd Gadadhara and all the other intimate devotees danced by His side and each time they looked at the Lord they saw the Lord smiling back at them. Lord Siva by chanting the name of this Lord becomes mad and goes about naked, that same Lord is now going on the streets of Nabadwip performing congregational chanting, Laksmidevi,the goddessof fortune, is hankering always to touch and dress this Supreme Lord's black curly locks and is so attracted by His dress, that self same Supreme Lord is so engrossed in singing and dancing that He rolls in the dust inecstacy. Following Him are HIs devotees carrying millions of flaming torches lighting up the world like the full moon and not a soul could refrain form chanting teh Lord's holy name. this was such a marvel that Nabadwip had never witnessed, the residents looked at each other adn chanted "Hari, Hari."

Lord NItyananda was always by the Lord's side knowing Visvambhar's every mood, so whenever the Lord swooned inecstacy He held out His hands to hold Him. As He Held HIm this time visvambhar slowly sat down in a meditative pose and clapping HIs hand gleefully began to loudly chant "hari,Hari". Then HE began to speak with childlike innocence, "I am the Supreme Lord Narayana, I killed that demon Kamsa and I deceived Bali Maharaj. I constructed taht bridge over the ocean to Srilanka and killed the demon Ravana, I am Lord Ramachandra." In this manner He revealed HIs real Supreme identity. NOt everyone could understand this esoteric truth for it is inconceivable by human mind. And in the next moment to increase their confusion the LORd changed HIs mood completely and said with utmost humility and meekness, "o Lord please grant ME devotion at Your lotus feet."

Whichever way the LOrd acted were all so mind robbing, even when He put HIs toe to HIs mouth. The Lord of Vaikuntha, Lord Visvambhar was dancing all over the Nabadwip town. this town is actually the Svetadvipa of the spiritual world which will be later explained in the VEdas. Amidst the mrdanga drum,conchshell, cymbals whose number is countless and the chanting of the holy name danced the Lord like the crest jewel in hte crown.

All glory to the congregational chanting,a ll glory to LOrd Visvambhar , all glory to the devotees of the Lord, whichever way I look I see LOrd Visvambhar drowning everyone in the nectar ocean of love of Godhead.

The procession sometimes moved fast sometimes much slower depending on how long the Lord danced in one place. The chanting was jubilant and echoed in the spiritual abode of Vaikuntha. THe LOrd, the cynosure of everyone, moved about like a mad lion intoxicated with the Holy name. The procession passed many bathing places and proceeded towards Simulia. No one was tired, millions were singing and dancing and a million flaming torches made it difficult discern whether it was midday or night. The people welcomed the procession with flowers and doorway decorations.

on as they passed each house; the demigods rained a confetti of fragrant flowers. MOther Earth was thrilled with ecstacy as the LOrd walked and danced. She wanted the Lord to wald on a soft surface so she had as if collected the strewn flowers and the pathway looked like her delicate tongue.

Srivas, ADvaita, Haridas were dancing in groups of their own going ahead of Lord Visvambhar. As in groups of their own going ahead of Lord Visvambhar. As the procession entered each new locality people left their homes and ran to see the Lord. They forgot all other duties and relatives they were all eager to see that beautific moonlike face of the Supreme soul of the entire creation. Without consciously realizing they were all being drawn into this congregational chanting. Without being aware they were all becoming intoxicated with holy name of Krishna. They began manifesting symptoms of supramundane joy. Some rolled on the ground, some made sounds with their mouth asif playing a musical instrument. Others were embracing anyone they met. Hey hadbecomeso inebriated by the chanting and dancing taht many were seen just offering prostrated obesiances falling to the ground like a rod, and there were others who were cathcing the devotees feet and simply crynig in ecstacy.

One could hear many comments form different people. Someone said, "I am this Nimai Pandit. I have been assigned to deliver the world." Another commented, "I am a Vaishnava from Svetadvipa." Yet another remarked, "I am an eternal resident of Vaikuntha." Again someone said, "where is that rascal Kazi. I will crush his head if I could lay my hands on him." Incited by such comments some ran to try to capture an atheist and climbed up a tree and then jumped down angrily shouting, "I am death to twelve atheists." Another said, "can you hear me O God of Death! Tell me where is your son, the Sungod?" The Lord of Vaikuntha appearing as Saci's son was now and here chanting and dancing. the floodgates of the Holy name was flung open by HIm. The Holy names which gave the God of Death Yamaraj the name Dharmaraj or the upholder of religious principles, and the Holy name that saved the worst of sinners Ajamila from the jaws of doom, was now being freely distributed by the Lord Himself, and those who could not chant the name could at least hear it chanted and reap the transcendental benefits. Chitragupta, the compiler of man's good and evil deeds in life has to be immediately informed that his records of evil deeds have to be thrown away. I cannot be blamed if I take stern action against him if he disobeys since now every living entity is delivered.

That Holy name has converted Varanasi into one of the most important places of pilgrimage because Lord Siva is constantly chanting that Holy name of Krishna. This Holy name is always chanted by the purest of devotees who are the eternal residents of the spiritual abode. Lord Siva has become worshippable by all the demigods and humans because he is relishing every moment the sweet nectar of the Holy name. This very name is now bing heard by every living entity. So the devotees warned all the atheists that if they do not discard their evil ways and take up the chanting of the Holy name and the worship of Lord Visvambhar than they will destroy them, the devotees loudly challenged the atheists to now come forward and desist their chanting of Krishna's name. They fisted the earth with great froce as if beating to pulp a recalcitrant atheist. the effects of chanting the HOly name had so divinely enmaddened them taht they were not aware of what they did or said. When the atheist saw that citizens of Nabadwip had all become mad with ecstacy they were bathing inside with hate and envy. Thwy got together and began conspiring. They said, "if the Kazi was to come right now then I would like to see wehre that Nimai Pandit will run to. What will happen to all their fanfare dancing and singing. Where iwll they hide their banana trees, mango leaves and rest of the decorations. As soon as Kazi hears their great commotion and sees their lit torches he will immediately come and they will have to Jump into the Ganges to escape his wrath." One of them said, "then I will place myself near to a group and in the stampede I will tie their necks together." Another said, "then let us go and inform the Kazi." Someone objected to this saying, "I see no logic in doing that." Another made his point strongly, "I cna see only one logical thing to do, that is let us go all together to those sentimentalists and loudly shout that "the Kazi and his men are here", then they will quickly disperse." This way the atheists were eating their jealous heart out while the devotees floated on clouds of ecstatic chanting and dancing.

The devotees were looking so effulgent. They were decorated with sandalwood paste and flower garlands. They were so fully engrossed in the Holy name that they became oblivious to everything. The sankirtan proceeded towards Srimulia. As the devotees chanted and danced the Lord also chanted and danced right in their midst. the activities of devotees increased the Lord's ecstacy. No one could imagine how much water was contained in the Lord's lotus eyes. Incessant tears cascaded in rivulets of pure nectarean water. Sometimes shivering overcame Him that He lay on the ground, even Nityananda prabhu was lamenting because He could not hold Him still. And when at the pinnacle of ecstacy He fell unconsious then no force of life was foundin Him for a long time. This was the wonder of wonders.

Excited talks went around amongst the citizens. They said, "this person must be the Supreme Lord Narayan HImself." Another said, "He is so much like Narada or Prahlad or even Sukadeva Goswami." "Whoever He maybe, He is certainly not an ordinary human being." the more critical and calculating ones said, "He is indeed a great devotee." Each one commented according to the level of one's understanding. Lord Nimai was oblivious of anything. He was engrossed in the ecstacy of the Holy name, and as He lifted His arms chanting "Hari, Hari!" everyone around by hearing the Lord felt irresistably drawn to HIm and they all echoed loudly after Him the Lord's name. Whichever direction the Lord chose the entire congregation moved that way. The Lord was now heading towards the Kazi's house. The sound of chanting and revelry became clearly audible to the inmates of Kazi's palace.

When Kazi heard the loud clamour of chanting he enquired, "Can you hear that sound of music and singing? Is that a marriage party or is it some weird incarnations of strange beings. Have they disobeyed my orders and again started their Hindu practices out in the streets? Go quickly and find out all the details, after you return with information I shall personally go." Kazi's spy left immediately and arrived at the scene of the massive congregational kirtan. They were overawed at the sight of the huge mass of people shouting, "Kill the Kazi" and murmuring verses from the Koran for protection they fled in terror.

They came running to the Kazi and spoke rapidly in gulps, "What are we doing here, let us quickly escape. That Nimai Acarya is coming with thousands and thousands of men. They are carrying thousands and thousands of flaming torches all singing their Hindu God's name. The citizens have decorated their houses and doorways welcoming this immense and incredible procession. The roads are covered with flower petals and puffed rice. The sound of their singing is so loud that I felt that my eardrums will burst. I have never seen such a sight. Even the coming of our royal monarch never draws such incredulous crowds. Nimai is their leader dancing in the middle and everyone is simply following Him. The singers we had attacked the other day are also there. They are all shouting, "Kill the Kazi". And Nimai is the gangleader who is stirring them up. I wonder why this brahmana fellow nimai weeps so much. The tears spout out like two rivers." The other spy replied, "I think He may have some relative somewhere. So He is crying because He is missing him." The other replied, "I am afraid to even look at Him, He looks like He is coming to gobble you up." Kazi said, "is that really NImai Pandit maybe He is going to get married. I cannot imagine that anyone will try to disregard my orders. If they do, then I will convert them to Muslim." As they were discussing the sound of the kirtan came closer and closer.

The huge mass of congregation arrived in the locality of Kazi's palace. The crest jewel amongst them all, Lord Visvambhar led them up dancing. the sound of their chanting boomed through out the entire universe echoing in the vaults of heaven, earth and hell. The chanting became unbearably loud for the Kazi and his men, and they made haste to escape fearing the worst for them. Like a mouse running for his life from the snake's mouth. But in the commotion and bustle they were confused, and lost the way. So many of the Kazi's men spread open their rolled up head cloth and hung it over their heads, so as not to be recognized, and joined in with the dancing, but with a thumping heart. The bearded compatriots of Kazi hung their heads down so that their give away beard remained unexposed. There were so many people that it would be impossible for one to know everyone by face adn besides the people were so excited that they were not aware for even their own persons. Everyone was lost in dancing and singing.

Lord Visvambhar stood before Kazi's palace doors, His rising anger visible, with a voice like thunder He said, "Where is that mischief monger, Kazi, bring him right this minute to Me and cut his head off. I will obliterate the entire yavana race from the face of this earth, like I have previously done. Break open and smash everything. Break it! Break it!" These were the orders of the Supreme Lord, who could disobey. The congregation was already exuberant and inebriated with the association of Lord Chaitanya and the Holy name, so such a command from the Lord was immediately put into action with great enthusiasm. They ransacked the entire property. They went through the house and indiscriminantly broke anything that came their way. The garden lay limp and ravaged as if after a hurricane. Banana trees lay uprooted; broken branches hung from mango trees; the flower garden was stamped to the ground. Lakhs and lakhs of people overran the palace rooms and the grounds. Through out the entire operation the congregation was chanting, "Hari! Hari!" The Holy name was their constant companion. They punctuated every move with Lord Hari's name.

Lord Visvambhar then said, "Now burn down everything. Put fire in the house, let the Kazi and all his men burn to death. I want to see what his king will do to Me. I also want to see who has the audacity to check Me. The God of death, time and death all are servants of my devoted servitors; they are created by my glance over material nature. I have advented mainly to propagate the congregational chanting of the Holy name, if any one so much as tries to cause obstruction then I will annihilate him. And even if the most lowly sinner participates in the chanting of the Lord's name then he shall be remembered by Me and saved. On the other hand even if, persons are performing austerity, renunciation, Vedic studies, yoga yet do not join the sankirtan movement they will certainly perish. So now do not fear, put fire to the house, I will bring about the total devastation of the entire race of Yavanas."

When they saw the Lord's wrath the devotees fell on their knees and raising their arms prayed to Him, "One of Your principle expansions is Lord Sankarsan, He never manifests His anger untimely; when the time is ready for the destruction of the material world then Rudra appears as Lord Sankarsana's incarnation and expansion. And after Rudra completes the work of annihilation or "pralaya" he again returns into Your transcendental body. The work of annihilation is carried out by the expansion of Your expansion, so if you are angry then who can check Your wrath. The Vedas glorify You as "angerless and eternally blissful", our hearts cannot see You as minimise the Vedic injuction. Even Lord Brahma never attracts Your ire; creation, maintenance and annihilation of the material world are simply Your transcedental pastimes. Today You have sufficiently chastised that Kazi and if next time he does anything again then You can destroy him. All glory to Lord Visvambhar, the Supreme Lord of all Lords; all glory to Lord Gaurasundar the Lord of the Universe, the Lord of Lakshmidevi, and who rests on Lord Ananta Sesha.

Lord Chaitanya smiled after listening to their choice prayers and then began to dance and chant with everyone. The Kazi was justly dealt with; the Lord was pacified that congregational chanting in public will continue. He now led the procession back towards the town. Chanting and dancing began again with previous jubilance and exuberance. Joy once more filled the atmosphere. the devotees were now free from any fear or inhibition. they could chant their beloved Lord Krishna's name at anytime. The atheists were subdued, their spirit broken and the devotees were victorious and jubilant. They again became submerged in the ecstacy of chanting and dancing. now all the devotees went ahead dancing and chanting and the Lord came up from behind. Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Lord Ananta and all the other demigods enjoying themselves participating in the congregational chanting.

The procession entered the locality of traders who deal with conchshells and other connected items. All the residents came out in the best and welcomed the congregation with the necessary Vedic rituals known as "purnakumbha". The roads were strewn with flowers and lamps were lit up in the house. Then they went through the weaver's locality. A great sound of jubilation and chanting of the Lord's name greeted the approaching congregation. Everywhere they went people were mad with joy. They were relishing their well earned victory over despotism. Lord Chaitanya was very happy to see that all were chanting the Lord's Holy name.

Lord Chaitanya dancing in mad ecstacy went to Sridhara's house. Sridhara lived in a small broken hut. He had practically no posession. A metal pot stood outside his door. The pot was dented and old. It was repaired so many times that even a thief would not think of stealing it. the Lord was dancing in front of Sridhara's house when He saw that the only visible metal pot was filled with water. The Supreme Lord Visvambhar wanting to teach the human society that how much He loved and cared for His devotees picked up Sridhara's worn out waterpot and proceeded to drink water from it with great pleasure, even if someone wanted to stop Him, who could do that. When Sridhara saw what Visvambhar was doing he came running, shouting, "O death, I am finished!" I know You have come to my house to destroy me!" So saying, Sridhara the most saintly personality, fainted on the ground out of great spiritual perturbation. Lord Visvambhar with utmost satisfaction said, " My whole being has now become purified. Today finally I have attained devotion to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna simply by drinking water from Sridhara's pot." Saying this the Lord shed tears of divine ecstacy. The lesson the Lord taught everyone through this pastime wa that by drinking water from a pure devotees water pot develops immediately attachment to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

In the Padma Purana Adikhanda it is stated, "the wise devotee who is desirous of purifying himself completely of all sinful reactions should specifically approach a pure Vaishnava and beg from him his food remnants. If all this is not available then at least he should beg some of his water remnants, or drink the water that has washed his feet."

The devotees began to cry in great joy to see the Supreme Lord manifest such mercy and special affection towards His devotee. Nityananda, Gadadhara, Advaita, Srivas fell down to the ground and began to roll and cry. Haridas, Vakreswar, Chandrasekhara, Jagadananda and the numerous others close associates of the Lord, were unable to contain their spiritual emotions, they burst out in tears of exultation. they cried out Krishna's sweet name. Sridhara's house became the blessed exhibition site for the hightest form of spiritual ecstacy in love of Godhead. The whole universe exulted with the chanting of Krishna's holy name; Lord GauraChandra smiled beningly His mission was accomplished.

Just behold the glory of this devotee's devotion, the Supreme Lord reciprocated his devotion with His full mercy. The Lord drank water with infinite pleasure from Sridhar's waterpot made of a base metal. The pot was full of repairs and dents, a pot that was used for many purposes. The Lord enjoyed drinking from this pot because He was drinking Sridhar's transcendental devotion to Him and so the common liquid water was immediately transformed into divine ambrosia. Thus the Lord taught that everything in relation to a pure devotee is transcendental.

The Supreme Lord, on the other hand, ignores the valuable gem-studded waterpot of nisolent materialists. He accepts any offering from His surrendered devotees, irrespective of any rules and regulations for offering. If His devotee has little and ordinary food then He forcibly takes if from him, as He has displayed this quality in Dvaraka with Sudamz Vipra. it has been seen that the Lord sells Himself to HIs devotees. When the Pandavas were banished to the forest, Lord Krishna relished a simple offering of leafy vegetables form Yudhisthira Maharaj. The pure devotees are Krishna's father, mother, wife, brother; Lord Krishna sees His surrendered devotees asHis own kith and kin, but not otherwise. Lord Krishna manifests Himself to His devotees according to the desire and mellow of the devotees; Lord Krishna allows Himself to be sold or purchased by His unalloyed devotees. All the scriptures have described this wonderful quality of Lord Krishna that He specially favors His pure devotees and is always protecting them personally from all calamities

One should see the magnanimous position of a pure devotee and thus be inspired to develop spiritual attachment for Krishna. the position of Lord Krishna's servant is never to be viewed deprecatingly; Lord Krishna, the Supreme Godhead never accepts as His servant a person of little spiritual calibre. After having performed his prescribed duties for many millions of lifetimes, leading a pious life of non violence and humility, and praying constantly and sincerely to the Supreme Lord a person is awarded the opportuntiy at his time of death. Ganga water to him and the chanting of Lord Narayana's Holy name. This will certainly afford him liberation from all material bondage, only then can he be blessed to become a servant of Lord Krishna. All the commentators of Bhagavatm have clearly indicated that the liberated souls can render full devotional service to the Supreme Lord, performer of transcendental pastimes. Therefore the devotees position is almost equal to the Lord Himself, and the Lord always sees His devotees in a more exalted position that Himself even. The innumerable elogies that have been compiled since time immemorial about the divine excellences of a pure devotees is inadequate to describe him perfectly. Lord Siva, and Lord Brahma are very happy to be called Lord Krishna's servants, and Ananta Sesha is always hankering to serve Him. Although the pure devotees are almost equal to the Lord Himself, yet they are constantly wanting to serve Him in loving attachment.

Advaita Acarya is such an elevated devotee, many persons do not know his real mood and postion and so they are disconted, when Advaita Acarya is glorified as a devotee of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Krishna is greatly pleased when anyone calls Him a 'devotee' because who besides Lord Krishna knows perfectly well who is apure devotee. The most abominable sinners proclaim themselves as 'God' only to ensure a full belly regularly. Gathering around him a crowd of assinine disciples the imposter poses himself as the Lord of the Universe. Although the body of such a cheater, is only fit for the dogs meals he still becomes deluded by the external energy of Lord Visnu to think that he is the Supreme controller. And now just behold the oppulence of the Lord of all Lords. Lord GauraChandra, simply by His desire millions of people converged with millions of burning torches to begin a historic march against oppression; all the way they were greeted with decorated doorways and showers of floral confetti from the heavenly denizens.

It was difficult to understand the transformation that took place in the Lord after He drank water form Sridhar's waterpot. All the devotees began to shed tears of joy seeing the special mercy that the Supreme Lord showered upon His pure devotee. Sridhar was thunderstruck and with tears brimming over in his eyes holding straw in the teeth in utter humility he knelt before the Lord chanting His holy name and said, "what have you done my Lord, what water have You drunk?" But Lord Visvambhar's bliss was uncheckable after having drunk water from His devotees water vessel, He danced in ecstacy surrounded by all His associates who sang and danced along with Him. Nityananda Prabhu and Gadadhara Pandit were always like two jewels decorating the Lord's either side.
Kholaveca Sridhar's fortune is indeed so great that even Lord Siva and Lord Brahma are moved to tears of joy and appreciation; the Supreme Lord Chaitanya is unattainable by wealth, fame or erudition, but is captivated by unalloyed devotion. After the water drinking incident the Lord moved on from Sridhar's place towards the town. Nabadwip became the most hallowed place in the entire creation as Lord Chaitanya and His associates danced and sang in ecstacy the Lord's Holy name. Only the sound of the Lord's name echoed in concave extremities of the universe. The divine exultation that is experienced by Sukadeva Goswami, Narada Muni, Lord Siva, and others on hearing the Holy name was now being experienced by the residents of Nabadwip as they passed through the different localities in Nabadwip. Althouth the kirtan was going on for a whole night one should not think that this was just one night, rather several yugas passed in that time unknown to anyone. Nothing is impossible for Lord Chaitanya, the Supreme Lord to accomplish, a mere raising of His eyebrow annihilates the entire universe. Only the most fortunate and pious souls can comprehend such esoteric truths about the Absolute; a dry mental speculator is not eligible for such revelations.

The townspeople were euraptured beyond comprehension by Lord Chaitanya's beautiful dancing, loud thunderous shouts of joy and the profuse flowing of divine nectar in the form of the chanting of the Holy name. People thanked Mother Saci for carrying in her womb such a child as Lord Visvambhar; they blessed Jagannatha Misra for being a good father to the Lord. They were grateful for the good fortune that descended upon the residents of Nabadwip. They all wished that this night never ends as the Lord performed His pastimes for many yugas. These pastimes of the Lord has no beginning or end. They 'appear' and then of a certain time they 'disappear', the Lord manifests Himself to the devotee according to the desire and mood of the devotee. In the Srimad Bhagavatam it says, "O Supreme Lord who is glorified in choice verses! Out of compassion and love for Your dear devotees in whatever forms they meditate upon You in their spiritual bodies."

Lord Chaitanya is even to this day performing His eternal pastimes, those who are pure in heart can see them. The Lord descends only to please His devotees. One may perform austerities and sacrifices for millions of lifetimes but without devotional service all his performances will be futile. And devotional service means to serve the pure devotee of the Lord, this if the verdict of all the scriptures.

I offer my obesiances to Lord Nityananda. All glory to Him, for only with HIs mercy one can glorify Lord Chaitanya. Many persons see Lord Nityananda differently, some say He is Balaram, or He is very dear to Lord Chaitanya, or He is the expansion of the omnipotent Lord; many say they do not know who He really is. Each one see Him according to his realization. Whoever He may be He is very special to Lord Chaitanya and may His lotus feet be the only treasure of my heart. Let all the atheists who criticise Lord Nityananda be very careful lest they be kicked in the head. I offer my obesiances at the feet of this dearmost devotee of Lord Caitanya, may He be my Lord and master. I can know Lord Nityananda only by Lord Chaitanya's mercy and I can know Lord Chaitanya only if Lord Nityananda shows me. Lord Chaitanya is Lord Rama and Nityananda is Laksmana, Lord Chaitanya is Krishna and Nityananda is Sankarsansa. Lord Nityananda possesses the power to fully satisfy Lord Chaitanya with His transcendental service. The intimate associates of Lord Chaitanya are in full knowledge of Lord Nityananda's extraordinary position. But at times one may see a certain elevated devotee quarreling with other devotees; this is all transcendental and is happening by the desire of Lord Krishna. No one should side with any party, because they are all most elevated Vaishnavas and in doing so one will certainly make offenses againgst the Vaishnava. One can become a true Vaishnava by serving Lord Krishna and by not finding faults in others.

Now I offer my obesiances at the lotus feet of Advaita Acarya, may I remain attached to his dear servitors. All glory to Lord Chaitanya along with all His associates. These narrations about His pastimes rewards one with the highest devotional mood. If one sides with Advaita against Gadadhara Pandita then due to this imbecile act that person is never allowed shelter by Advaita Acarya as his devotee.

The transcendental pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are the purest from of divine ambrosia, I pray that these unlimited pastimes increasingly appear in the minds of all living beings. One who desires joy from hearing these narrations will surely see the beautiful face of Lord Chaitanya directly. Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are my life and soul.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat

Adi Lila

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