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Flow of Nectar

The idea that preachers are mere neophytes on the path of spiritual life is not uncommon. That misconception is irrefutably silenced in this authoritative treatise on preaching, preachers, and the mission of ISKCON’s founder-Acarya. “Krishna is the source of life. Life comes from life. So he who has got life goes out and preaches the science of Krishna consciousness.” Topics include:

* Compassion & Taste for the holy name
* Vedic evidence — primary and secondary meanings
* 134 pages -- 1.8 MB .PDF format

Bhakti Naipunya

A compilation of vibrant discourses and anecdotes highlighting the subtleties of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Devotion reigns where reason fails. Paradoxical and counter-intuitive, but always full of mellows. Gurudeva is radha-priya-sakhi, a very dear girl companion of Radharani. And so guru-seva is Srimati-seva. To serve guru means to serve Radharani, because guru is very dear to Radharani, radha-priya-sakhi. Service to Radharani means service to guru, and service to guru means service to Radharani. Those who know this tattva, who are fixed in this tattva, only they can render loving service to Krishna. Topics include:

* Srimati Radharani as the guru of prema
* Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as two opposites in one container
* Krishna as nitya-brahmacari
* 61 pages -- 2 MB .PDF format

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