Srila Jiva Goswami's Appearance

by Nayana-Ranjana Das

sri-rupa carana-dvandva
raginam vrajavasinam
sri-jivam satatam vande
mandesvananda dayinam

[Bhakti Ratnakara Chapter 4.289]
sri-rupa - Srila Rupa Goswami; carana-dvandva - the two lotus feet; raginam - strongly attached; vraja vasinam - the topmost resident of Vrindavan; sri-jivam - srila jiva goswami; satatam -constantly; vande - I offer my obeisances; mandesu - dull headed & lazy people; ananda - bliss; dayinam - the bestower.
In Sadhana Dipika it is said: "I offer my repeated humble obeisances unto Srila Jiva Gosvami whose heart is constantly attracted to the lotus feet of Srila Rupa Gosvami. He is the crest-jewel of all Vrajavasis and due to his causeless mercy, he bestows unimaginable joy to even the non-philosophical, dull-headed & lazy people by his deep philosophical views." [289]

Rupa, Sanatana & Vallabha were three of Kumardeva's sons. And Jiva was the son of Vallabha. He was born in 1511 AD in Ramakeli. Sri Jiva was a talented boy even from his childhood andhad completed his studies in Vyakarana and other subjects within a very short time. [639]

Sanatana and Rupa were pleased with their nephew Sri Jiva and treated him affectionately. [640]

Sri Jiva constantly remembered the beauty of Prabhu and he satisfied everyone by his sincere endeavor to learn the scriptures. [641-642]

Some peopel considered he must be a partial incarnation of some deity for no ordinary person could grasp thevast spiritual knowledge in such a short time. [643]

People were enchanted to see Sri Jiva who was a beautiful and qualified as Rupa, Sanatana and Sri Vallabha. [644]

I wish I could die taking away with me any misfortune which might befall Sri Jiva. [645]

The Biography of Sri Jiva

Sri Jiva had grown very discontent in Gauda and he was pulled by his attractions to his uncles in Vrndavana. [684]

The visit to Vrndavana by Sri Jiva was a peculiar incident. [685]

From the day of Rupa Sanatana going t Vrndavana a peculiar feeling began to grow in the mind of Sri Jiva who decided to give up all pleasures regarding ornaments, beautiful dresses, comfortable beds and voraciousness etc. [686-687]

In discussions of royal affairs or worldly matters he simply felt bored. [688]

Observing Sri Jiva in his perturbed state of mind, someone commented, "O my dear friend, from the sons of Kumeradeva three became great vaisnavas and scholars of scripture: Sanatana; Rupa and Vallabha. I have never seen such stocism and neutrality as exhibited by Sri Vallabha in his detachment from worldly pleasures. When he died on the bank of the Ganges his young son Jiva was stunned. But Sri Jiva also had no interest in wealth or riches.

"My heart breaks when I think of him. One day I saw him in a lonely place crying bitterly." [689-695]

But another person replied, "My dear friend, this is natural. It is the blessing of Lord Krsna which makes Sri Jiva behave like this. He has become very reserved and does not think of anything but Srimad Bhagavatam, which has become his very life. He loves to swim in that ocean of happiness created by discussions about Krsna. No one dares speak anything to him but topics about Krsna. He must have met Prabhu privately because I have seen him faint on the ground after crying out the name of Sri Krsna Caitanya. My heart aches when I see him rolling onthe ground crying so bitterly that his body is soaked with tears. I cannot bare to hear his lamentation." [696-701]

"My dear friends, it is certain that Sri Jiva will soon leave his house for ever." "But he is merely a boy," someone argued. [702]

"How will he tolerate the troubles of travelling from place to place." [703]

"His love for Prabhu knows no bounds," commented another man. "He is the light of the brahmin class," said another. "The whole village will sink into utter darkness if he leaves." [704]

The discussion of Sri Jiva continued amongst the village gentlemen. They could not even return to their homes leaving Sri Jiva in that condition. [705]

At the same time Sri Jiva sat wondering when he would leave his house. [706]

One evening, he sat alone crying and singing the holy name. [707]

Although he tried to control himself he finally broke down and cried out, "O my Prabhu Sri Krsna Caitanya! O Nityananda! O my Prabhu Sri Advaita candra the ocean of mercy! O dear associates of Prabhu! Please be kind to this wretched fellow!" [708-710]

Throughout the night his lamentation kept him from sleeping. [711]

Once before in Ramkeli Sri Jiva had had a dream in which he saw Prabhu and His associates dancing in sankirtana and enchanting the world with a flow of love unobtainable by Lord Brahma. Tonight he saw tht same scene in his dream. [713-714]

Lacs of people came forward to join that sankirtana, uttering the name of Hari which filled the earth and the sky. [715]

Suddenly Prabhu disappeared and as the dream faded Jiva awoke up in a sorrowful state. [716]

Again he fell asleep and a second wonderful scene appeared in his dream. [717]

I will tell you later what he saw in his dream, but now I want to acquaint you with the former history of Sri Jiva. [718]

When Sri Jiva was only a boy, he avoided playing with his friends or other activities which had no connection with Krsna. [719]

He would make images of Krsna and Balarama, worship them with flowers and sandal paste and dress them with fine clothes and ornaments. [720-721]

When he would bow on the ground before them he would weep. [722]

He offered them various kinds of sweetmeats and then enjoyed eating the prasad of the deities with his friends. [723]

He loved the deities of Krsna and Balarama so much that even when he was alone he would play with them. At bed time he would clasp the deities tightly to his chest and sleep. His parents could not separate their son from his deities although they thought he was merely playing. [724-725]

Everyone was happy to see Jiva's love for Krsna and Balarama. [726]

Caitanya and Nitai were so bound by his love for them that they appeared to him in a dream. [727]

Krsna and Balarama also appeared in a dream, and Sri Jiva was enchanted to see Krsna in dark blue color and Balarama in white color. [728]

They looked like Kandarpa and enchanted the universe with their beautiful postures. [729]

Suddenly Krsna and Balarama were replaced by Gaura and Nitai and the universe was perfumed by the scent of their bodies. [730-731]

Overjoyed with his vision Sri Jiva wept and fell at he feet of the two masters. [732-733]

Gaura-Nityananda Rai, the twin oceans of mercy put their feet on the head of Sri Jiva and embraced him affectionately. Whatever they spoke fell like nectar on the ears of Sri Jiva. [734-735]

In ecstatic love Sri Gaura sundara offered Jiva to the gracious feet of Sri Nityananda. [736]

But Nityananda repeatedly instructed Sri Jiva, "Let my Gaura Prabhu be your life and soul." [737]

When Sri Jiva bowed against their feet, they disappeared and Sri Jiva fell into an abyss of disappointment. [738]

When he woke from sleep, the dawn was breaking and he prepared to leave for Vrndavana on hte pretext of studying there. [739]

The people of Navadvipa knew he was going to Vrndavana. [740]

He bid farewell to his followers and left Fateya with only one servant. [741]

In the ecstasy of love, Sri Jiva wandered hypnotically arousing the curiouslity of the other travellers on the road. "Who is this young man?" they wandered. "He must be a prince with a complexion of gold like a champaka flower. What a beautiful face! Just see his attractive wide eyes, nose, eyebrows, forehead, ears and curly hair. See his neck, his chest and his nails and fingers on his lotus like hands! How beautiful are his thighs, knees and legs." [742-746]

They all admired the tulasi garland hanging around his neck and the milk white sacred thread lying across his chest. [747]

Someone said, "My dear friend, I cannot take my eyes off him. I wish I could die carrying away all misfortune which might befall him. [748-749]

They said, "we cannot understand why we are feeling so perplexed to see him? We wish we can get ourselves initiation to him. [750]

Although the people talked, Sri Jiva continued his journey rapt in ecstasy. [751]

When he entered Navadvipa, everyone acknowledged him as he was the nephew of Rupa Sanatana. [752]

Being overwhelmed by Sri Jiva's scholarship and devotional practices, the brahmans questioned him. [753]

Sri Jiva was enchanted by the beauty of Navadvipa. [754]

That holy dhama covered sixteen krsoa of land with many beautiful flower gardens, tanks, forests, groves, cottages and the banks of the Ganga. [755-756]

As he wondered, Sri Jiva saw many Vaisnavas who were happy to meet him and took him directly to the cottage of Srivasa Pandita where Nityananda Prabhu and his associates were sitting. [757-759]

Nityananda had already foretold Sri Jiva's arrival to Srivasa and Srivasa gladly informed Prabhu when Sri Jiva was waiting outside the cottage door. [760-761]

Nityananda was glad to hear it and requested someone to call him in. [762]

Sr Jiva's eagerness to meet Nityanada made him cry uncontrollably and he fell humbly at the feet of Prabhu. [763-764]

Nityananda Prabhu affectionately placed his feet on the head of Sri Jiva. [765]

He raised Sri Jiva from the ground, embraced him warmly and said, "I have come here from Kardaha simply to meet You." [766-767]

In this way he pacified Sri Jiva in various ways and asked Srinivasa and other Vaisnavas to favor him. [768]

He kept Sri Jiva in his association for some days and then requested him to go West. [769]

At the time of his departure Sri Jiva bowed at the feet of Nityananda in the sadness of their intimate separation. [770]

By placing his feet of the head of Sri Jiva he affectionately embraced him and said, "Go to Vrndavana soon because it is the order of Mahaprabhu that your family should be settled at that place." [771-772]

Sri Jiva offered his respects to the feet of all the Vaisnavas and then left for Vrndavana. [773]

Srivasa and other devotees blessed Sri Jiva in various ways. [774]

From Navadvipa Sri Jiva went to Kashi where he met Sri Madhusudana Vachaspati, the professor of all Sastras who was as great as Brihaspati. [775-776]

The scholar was pleased to eet Sri Jiva and kept him at his place for a long time during which he gave him lessons on Vedanta and other sastras. [777]

Sri Vachaspati was s impressed by the scholarly capabilities of Sri Jiva that he glorified him throughout Kashi andhe soon became respected as the foremost scholar of Nyaya Vedanta and other scriptures. [778-779]

From Kashi, Sri Jiva went to Vrndavana and got the mercy of Rupa and Sanatana. [780]

The Twenty-five Books of Sri Jiva Gosvami

The books written by Sri Jiva Gosvami were namely the Vyakarama named Sri Harinama mrta, its notes Sutra Malika and its metallurgical analysis, Krsnacarana dipika, Gopala Viru davali, the last portion of Rasamrta, Sri Madhava Mahatsava, Samkalpa-Kalpabriksha, Bhavartha Suchaka-Champu, Gopala-Tapani Tika, Vramha Sanhita Tika, Rasamrta Tika, Ujjala Nilmoni Tika, Yagosara Stava tika, Sri Gayatri Vashya of Agnipurana, the narrative of the foot prints of Sri Krsna of Padma Purana, the collective records of the hands and foot prints of Sri radhika, the former position of Gopala Champu, the last portion of Gopala Champu, the famous seven treasties of Srimad Bhagavata namely Tatta Sandarva, Bhagavata Sandarva, Bhakti Sandarva, Preeti Sandarva and Krama Sandarva, Krsna Sandarva and Paramatma sandarva. [833-851]

The orders of Sri Rupa Sanatana to Sri Jiva and Sri Gopala Bhatta "Previously I told you that on the 20th day of the month of Vaisakh you will obtain wonderful association. [234]

"That devotee will reach Vrndavana today, and after meeting him you will become very happy. [235]

"At the time of the arati of Govinda deva, when the crowd is thin, you should search for him. [236]

"His complexion is like a golden champa flower and his is very thin. He is young and tears constantly flow from his eyes. [237]

"In great pain he left Gauda and he has already gotten news of our disappearance.[238]

"He decided to give up his life but we appeared before him to console him. [239]

"We cannot describe his affliction but when you see him you will understand. [240]

"You should arrange his initiation from Gopala Bhatta Gosvami and when his study is completed give him all the books. [241]

sri gaude mandale sighra karaabe gamana tinha vitaribe loke grantha ratna gana

"Send him to Gaudadesha where he will distribute the transcendental jewels of literature to the masses. [242]

"What more can we tell you about him? Through this Srinivasa Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu will perform many activities." [243]

The happiness of Srinivasa knew no bounds and he fell ont he ground again and again to offer obeisances to Jiva Gosvami. To his hearts content he observed the beauty of Sri Radha Damodara, the life and soul of Sri Jiva Gosvami. [283-285]

Rupa Gosvami had mainfest the deity of radha Damodara and had offered it to Jiva Gosvami in a dream. [286]

No one can describe the character of Sri Jiva Gosvami; his life, soul, and everything was the lotus feet of Sri Rupa Gosvami. [287]

These aspects have been described elaborately in Sanskrit by a famous poet in Sadhana Dipika. [288]

In Sadhana Dipika it is said: "Glory to Sri Jiva Gosvami who always keeps the lotus feet of Sri Rupa Gosvami within his mind. He was a Vrajavasi who conquered even the non-philosophical persons by his philosophical views." [289]

Sri Sri Radha Damodara became manifest through the mercy of Sri Rupa Gosvami and the ocean of mercy, Rupa Gosvami, gave the deity to Sri Jiva for his service. [290]

I have only briefly described the appearance of Sri Sri Radha Damodara, the life and soul of Sri Jiva Gosvami. [291]

Svapnaadese sri rupa sri radha damodare Sva haste nirman kari dila sri jivere

Radha Damodara Vilasa darsana by Sri Jiva Seeing the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Damodara, Sri Jiva Gosvami remained always in an ecstatic mood. [292]

Sometimes the Lord would ask Sri Jiva for some food and Sri Jiva would watch the Lord eat it.[293]

One day, when the Lord was playing his flute with a smile on his face, he called Sri Jiva to come and watch. [294]

Sri Damodara was very young and was decorated with enchanting ornaments.

Upon seeing the Lord Sri Jiva Gosvami immediately fainted.[295]

When he gained consciousness his heart was filled with ecstatic love and his long, large eyes overflowed with tears. [296]

I have told only a few of the activities, butthere were many episodes in the pastimes of Radha Damodara which attracted everyone towards him. [297]

(Call him with his flute, tell him to cook delicious preparations, )

Sri Jiva bestowed the title of Acarya on Srinivasa One day.

Sri Jiva took interest in explaining the verses of the book Uddipana Divaha. [396]

The following verse is from the book Sri Ujjvalanilmani Uddipana Vivaba: "Addressing her friend, Sri Radhika said that once a young Kadamba plant with only two leaves had been planted by lotus eyed Sri Krsna near the entrance of Gokula. Th etree had now become full grown and was covered wtih countless leaves and flowers. She complained that the full grown kadamba tree had become the cause of pain of the Gopis who were already suffering from seperation of Krsna. [397]

Unfortunately, Sri Jiva Gosvami failed to explain this adequately and he asked Srinivasa to make it clear. [398]

Srinivasa had been empowered by Sri Rupa Gosvami and explained the verse successfully. Whoever listened to it became satisfied and happy. [399]

The commentator on the book Sri Ujjvalanilmani had given a beautiful and elaborate explaination of that particular verse. [400]

Everyone was astonished by the genius of Srinivasa and they admired him in various ways. [401]

With the permission of everyone Sri Jiva delightedly gave Srinivasa the title of Kaviraj. [402]

Although Sri Jiva saw that Srinivasa felt very humble in the midst of this praise, he discarded that humility by addressing Srinivasa as Acarya. [403]

With the permissionof Sri Jiva, Acarya Srinivasa began to educate the Vaisnavas of Vraja. [404]

Sri Jiva bestows the title of Thakura Mahasaya on Sri Narottama Sri Gopala Bhatta and other devotees bestowed extensive mercy on Narottama, and Sri Jiva Gosvami began to educate him. [421]

Within a short time Narottama completed his eduaction in the different scriptures. The devotees were astonished by his capacity to comprehend the scriptures and they began to admire him as a scholar. [422]

Because his ability to learn was far greater than anyone else's, Jiva Gosvami gave Narottama the title of Thakura Mahasaya. [423-424]

Srinivasa Acarya and Thakura Narottama became the favorite pupils of Jiva Gosvami. Everyone in Vrndavana happily observed the great affection Sri Jiva showed for Srinivasa and Narottama. [425]

Srinivasa and Narottama lived so intimately with Sri Jiva that it seemed they had become the two hands of Sri Jiva. With the memory of Sri Rupa and Sanatana always fresh in his mind Sri Jiva Gosvami spent his days discussing religious and devotional topics with Srinivasa and Narottama. [426-427]

Anyone who showed sincere interest in hearing these topics was sure to get the blessings of Prabhu Visvambhara. [428]

Page 181: Sri Raghava said that in a lonely place in Nandaghata Jiva Gosvami lived for sometime in seclusion.

Once Sri Rupa was writing a book in a quiet place in Vrndavana. It was a hot day, and to dry the sweat from Rupa's body Sri Jiva would stand beside him and fan him. The beauty of both Sri Rupa and Sri Jiva was bright. At that time Sri Vallava came to visit Rupa and when he looked at Rupa's book Bhaktirasamrta Grantha Mangala Carana he told Rupa, "I shall edit it." When he went to bathe in the Jamuna Sri Jiva followed on the pretext of taking water from the Jamuna. Although he did not know Sri Vallava personally, Jiva asked him, "what is the flaw in Mangala Carana?"

As Vallava mentioned each point he felt required correction Jiva refuted the point by his knowledge of the scriptures. Unable to defeat Sri Jiva in a discussion, Vallava went to Sri Rupa to enquire about the identity of Jiva.

Rupa told Vallava that the young Vaisnava was his nephew, and that he had arrived from his village only a few days before. Vallava Bhatta praised Jiva Gosvami and told Rupa the details of their discussion on the book.

Then Vallava left that place.

Meanwhile Sri Jiva returned from the river and Sri Rupa scolded him in a very quiet voice, "It was very kind of Bhatta to visit me and for my own benefit he wanted to edit my book. This much you could not tolerate by your Vaisnava grace? Go back to your home and return to Vrndavana whem you will be able to be patient."

At once Sri Jiva left the place and headed East towards his home. When his mind became peaceful he decided to remain in a solitary place in the forest as he did not have permission to return to the association of Rupa Gosvami.

He lived here in a hut made of leaves; sometimes he ate a little and sometimes he ate nothing while he passed his time in great distress and lamentation. He thought that if he gave up his life he would be able to obtain the lotus feet of his Lord.

In the course of his travels Sanatana Gosvami came to that village. The villagers came forward to welcome him and ask about his well being. They informed him that one young and beautiful sannyasi had been living in the forest for a long time, eating only a small quantity of fruits or roots or drinking water mixed with atta (flour).

Knowing that this sannyasi must be Sri Jiva, Sanatana went to see him affectionately. Seeing Sanatana within his patched Sri Jiva could not control himself and fell flat on the ground at Sanatana's feet. The villagers were quite astonished. Sanatana asked Sri Jiva to explain his difficulty and Jiva very lovingly explained everything. After consoling the villagers Sanatana left Sri Jiva in his hut and went to see Rupa in Vrndavana.

Pg.182 Hearing of Sri Sanatana's arrival in Vrndavana, Sri Rupa went out to meet him. He asked about the book Bhaktirasamrta sindhu and Rupa said that he had finished writing the book but the editing was incomplete because of Sri Jiva's absence.

Sanatana explained the situation to Sri Rupa and said, "Jiva is alive, but he is so weak that even the breeze can rock his body." At once Sri Rupa brought Jiva back to Vrndavana and nursed him affectionately. Everyone was happy with SRi Jiva's recovery and Rupa Sanatana bestowed all responsibility on him. By their mercy the greatness of Sri Jiva's knowledge spread throughout the world.

A Digvijayi (world conquering scholar) once came to Vrndavana and asked Jiva, "If you will compete with me in debate, then send my Jaya patra, (a written paper acknowledging his defeat by the Digvijayi)." Sri Jiva sent him back the Jaya patra, but the Digvijayi accepted defeat after reading it.

The glory of Sri Jiva is beyond description. Then Sri Raghava showed them the hut of Sri Jiva.

His devotion gave immense pleasure to Sri Jiva Gosvami. One day Sri Jiva and the other Vrndavana Gosvamis assembled happily at the Govinda temple. [222-223]

They prayed to Sri Govinda, "O Lord, please bestow on Srinivasa the strength he will require to distribute these books." [224]

eka dina sri jiva adi govinda mandire haila ekatra sabe ullasa antare
sri govindadeve kahe sumadhura bhase grantha vitarana shakti deha srinivase
eta kahitei govindera kantha haite chindiya padila mala srinivasa dite
The moment they finished their prayers, a garland dropped from the neck of Sri Govinda for Srinivasa. [225]

With tears of love in his eyes the priest quickly took it and respectfully handed it to Srinivasa. [226]

He received the garland with utmost respect and affection for the Lord and as a beheld the beautiful face of Sri Govinda he became impatient. [227]

He worshipped the deity again and again by touching himself to the ground and he could not stop the tears which flowed from his eyes. [228]

Everyone who saw the grace bestowed on Srinivasa from Sri Govinda praised both the Lord and his devotee. [229]

Sri Jiva and the others then settled the day that Srinivasa would leave for Gaudadesha. [230]

It was agreed that the fifth day of the bright moon night of the month of Agrahayana was the appropriate date for the commencment of the journey. [231]

Sri Jiva Gosvami sent Srinivasa to take leave of Dasa Gosvami. [232]

Simply by the grace of Sri Jiva, one can understand the truths of his philosophy.

Srinivasa next went to the temple of Radha Damodara - the life of Sri Jiva Gosvami - to take leave his leave. Srinivasa got the favor of Sri Radha Damodara, the source of divine rasa. [309-310]

How kindly Sri radha Damodara gave him permission to leave is beyond anyone's ability to describe. Sri Jiva gave Srinivasa the mala prasad. [311]

When he realised the mercy of Sri Radha Damodara on Srinivasa, Sri Jiva's heart filled with ecstatic joy. [312]

Sri JIva, Srinivasa and the others reached his house. They bowed to Sri Gosvami and Sri Jiva requested Sri Gosvami, "Please infuse Srinivasa with your complete strength." [405-406]

"Place your feet on Srinivasa's head so that he can easily reach Gaudadesha." [407]

"Bless him so that by curbing the pride of the hearetics he can easily distribute the books there." [408]

pasandi ganera darpa kariya khandan svachande karena yena grantha vitarana

While considering Sri Jiva's request Gopala Bhatta prayed to Sri Radha Raman. [409]

It cannot be described how Sri Radha Raman gave his mercy to Srinivasa and then permitted him to leave. [410]

Seeing the mercy which Radha Raman had bestowed on Srinivasa, Gopala Bhatta Gosvami affectionately brought mala prasad to Srinivasa. [411]

Sri jiva goswami dina-dukhira jivana
Punah ki dekhibe ami tanra sri carana

Thereafter Sri Acarya bega to study nce again under Sri Jiva Gosvami, and Sri Jiva was pleased by the Acarya's intent. From Sri Jiva, Srinivasa learnt the book Sri Gopala Champu and other books and was happy to study under Sri Jiva.

The sweet words of Jiva Gosvami could soothe the mind of anyone. After reading the letter the king said that Prabhu's companions were certainly kindhearted for they had blessed such a worthless person as himself. The king cried with gratitude and thereafter he showed very cordial and affectionate care towards the two mesengers.

Sri Ramacandra Kaviraja in Vrndavana

As Ramacandra travelled hurriedly to Vrndavana people who observed him remarked that they had never seen such a person. They thought he was probably the son of a king from Gauda. Some people thought he not even a human being but rather a deity. When he arrived in Vrndavana someone informed Sri Jiva Gosvami that a beautiful person, with skin as bright as gold, had come from Gauda. They told Sri Jiva that thy were charmed by the sight of that man who was wandering aimlessly in Vrndavana, crying as he enjoyed the beauty of of the holy dhama. Sri Jiva asked Srinivasa if he knew who the man was and Srinivasa said that it must be Ramacandra.

Srinivasa had preciously told Jiva Gosvami about Ramacandra, so Sri Jiva ordered his followers to bring Ramacandra to his place. When Ramacandra arrived he bowed at the feet of Sri Jiva and Srinivasa Acarya and both of them lovingly embraced Ramacandra. They asked him questions about the places which he had visited on his trip and Ramacandra first reported what Khandavasi Sri Raghunandana had told him. He also repoted what he had heard from other Vaisnavas and he told them the progress of his own study and the result of the long tour which he had completed to Gaya, Kashi, Ayodhya and Prayaga.

From this report Sri Jiva Gosvami could understand the condition of those holy places since the disappearance of Mahaprabhu and his beloved companions. Ramacandra informed them that the inhabitants of Gauda wanted Srinivasa to return and both Srinivasa and Sri Jiva took the request seriously. Thereafter they took Ramacandra with them to visit the temple of Radha Damodara.

While observing the deities of Radha Damodara Ramacandra fell on the ground crying and while visiting the Samadhi of Rupa Gosvami he was moved with emotion. When he cried loudly, calling out the name of Sri Rupa, Sri Jiva took him on his lap and pacified him.

Sri Jiva Gosvami announced that Srinivasa would return to Gauda and on the day after the full moon Sri Jiva one again entrusted Syamananda to Srinivasa. He also gave Srinivasa some books which had been revised by him.

The Gosvamis of Vrndavana gathered in the temple of Sri Govinda to bid farewell to Srinivasa. The Acarya bowed at their feet and then went to see the moon-like face of Sri Govinda. Ramacandra and Syamananda also bowed at the feet of the Gosvamis.

He appointed his favorite disciple Ramacandra Kaviraja to teach the king, and told the king how Sri Jiva Gosvami had been satisfied by Ramacandra's scholarly abilities and how Sri Jiva had called him Caitanya Dasa. The king shed tears of joy and fell at the feet of Srinivasa Prabhu he humbly offered his respects to Acarya and by the mercy of his guru the king got everything he wanted.

Sri Jiva had already selected a beautiful house for her and he took her there with her follwers. After their worship fo Sri Govinda, Gopinatha and Madan Mohana, the Vaisnavas came to visit Sri Isvari at her house. The residents of Vrndavana also came in ahuge crowd to meet her. While she spoke privately with Gopala Bhatta, Lokenatha and others, Sri Jiva waited patiently to meet her. When she expressed the desired to visit the temples of Vrndavana they gladly took her to Sri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madan Mohana, Sri Radha Vinoda, Sri Radha raman and Sri Radha Damodara.

Sri Jiva also affectionately met Govinda Kaviraja and requested to take news to Srinivasa. Sri Jiva ordered to send his book Gitamrita and other new books which he might write and in return Sri Jiva would send letters.

Gopala Bhatta gave Govinda the book Vrindava which he had written in a dream according to the order of Sri Rupa.

Sri Virachandra Prabhu's Visit to Forests of Vraja

Virachandra first took permission to visit the forests of Vrndavana from Sri Bugarba and Sri Jiva Gosvami, then started out along with Yadava Acarya and others to visit the forests of Madhu, Tala, Kumuda and Bahula.

He also went to Radha Kunda where he relished the association of Sri Jiva and others.

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