Today Monday November 15

by Sripad BV Bhagavat Swami

mg_3696.jpg - 245541 Bytes Today Monday November 15 Srila Gurudeva has brought the house down this morning. There is a wave of ecstatic Spiritual energy flowing through the hearts of the devotees here and the atmosphere of this compound that is pure spiritual joy. Srila Gurudeva slept well last night and this morning to the delight of all the assembled devotees he came out on the veranda.

Today is an off day and all of the devotees are back from Parikrama. There was mumblings here and there that Srila Gurudeva will come out on the Veranda soon and give darshan. I stayed at my computer to try and finish publishing the report from yesterday. However so many devotees gathered in the plaza in front of the residential building and facing Srila Gurudevas door waiting for him to come out and give us his blessings. Then the shouts of the Joyful devotees came resounding up into the sky and I could hear them on the second floor; SRILA GURUDEVA KI JAI!!!!!!!!!!!

The room I am in quickly emptied out and we all ran downstairs. As I entered the hallway I could see devotees pouring out of every room running down the halls. As I reached the stairs I could seethe devotees above me coming down from upstairs and devotees below me on the lower flight of stairs funneling into the plaza. Some were in gumshas, some were fully dressed, some women had their hair undone, some men had their dhotis in mid tie. Everyone running with spiritual excitement down the stairs to the plaza below to see Srila Gurudeva. Rama Kanta was so determined to see Srila Gurudeva that he risked going down the stairs backwards in his wheel chair holding on to the banister with one hand so he did not fall backwards and crack his head. It was such an amazing feat of spontaneous love and determination to see his Gurudeva that it was both incredible and inspiring.

When I reached the plaza there was an ocean of devotees. The plaza was packed. The garden above was packed. The stairs of the temple were packed. Devotees were on the bridge between Srila Gurudevas room and the temple. They had gone on the Veranda of Srila Gurudevas house from the bridge side almost to the door. They were hanging from the balconies. It was amazing, indescribable, powerful, inspirational. Devotees were all holding thier hands in the air shouting JAI SRILA GURUDEVA!! JAI SRILA GURUDEVA!! SRILA GURUDEVA KI JAYA!!!.

Srila Gurudeva was amazing!! He held His hand up over his head completely by him self with no assistance.He began to offer blessings and wave to all of us. The movements of His hand was strong and definite a big improvement in His strength and muscle tone. His face was so bright and effulgent and He was moving his head back and forth a little and turning his head demonstrating that His neck muscles were getting stronger as well. The devotees were jubilant, excited, and beside themselves with joy.

As the crowd got a little unruly Madhava Maharaja started to lean over and tell the devotees to move from the veranda Srila Gururdeva picked up his hand and patted Madhava Maharaja on the chest and pushed him a little to not bother the devotees. Srila Gurudeva then motioned with his hand moving his arm from right to left in that sweeping motion that he does to indicate that they should move over a little to the side. Then after a while he pulled on the shirt of Madhava Maharaja and pulled him down and instructed him something. In between he was holding his hand up blessing, waving, pointing at devotees and saying something to them, he was bright and energetic and full of enthusiasm.

Devotees were crying, laughing, and crying and laughing at the same time. Jumping up and down and singing and shouting out again and again JAYA SRILA GURUDEVA!!!! SRILA GURUDEVA KI JAYA!!!! It was such an amazing transcendental display of ecstatic emotions. Srila Gurudeva was broadcasting Bhava from his heart, Prema Bhakti Jaha Hoite, and everyone was immersed in the ocean of the nectar of devotion. With each wave of his hand the jayas rolled across the ocean of devotees like waves of ecstasy. Srila Gurudeva is the Divine Puppet Master and he was making us dance as he liked and we were more than willing to respond to his beautiful expressions of love.

Finally Srila Gurudeva went inside and I watched as I saw the devotees walk off many trembling with Spiritual happiness. I could see it and feel it the spiritual energy was real and palpable. Several devotees were holding each other and weeping in happiness it was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I had ever had. Srila Gurudeva placed a lasting impression of love on the hearts of all of the devotees who were present that they will never lose even if they stay here for millions of more births.

Today Srila Gurudeva showed us again that he is in control. That he is the completely independent transcendental nitya siddha devotee and he can act as he likes. His destiny in his hands. Whether he stays or goes is completely up to him. There is nothing and no one that can control him except one thing, LOVE. The expressions of love from his disciples is all he wants, that is all he cares for, that is all he came to give us, and that is all he wants to see in our hearts LOVE, DIVINE LOVE. By this LOVE we have somehow convinced him to stay a little longer and keep giving us his association. How have we become so fortunate that we have received this DIVINE LOVE from Srila Gurudeva. He asks nothing for this blessing he gives us except that we practice it and spread it around to everyone. How ever our favorite target of this love is Srila Gurudeva himself. And no matter how much we try to love him back we can never properly repay him for the love he has given us. This is our great fortune that we will eternally remain indebted to Srila Gurudeva for the gift of Divine Love he has given us and will never be able to repay him for all eternity.


Your Uncle

B.V. Bhagavat Swami

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